How Much Does It Cost to Build an eLearning App like Skillshare?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an eLearning App like Skillshare?

Developing a successful eLearning app can be a really tough task but you have to understand the importance of creating successful websites like this because in today’s world the complexity of education is at its peak. We do not get proper facilities through which the students are able to learn their theorems easily. 

Day by day the eLearning platform market is increasing its profit, you can be one of the developers of these types of apps and help the economy of your country to grow. There are many apps which focus on the skills of the individual rather than a boring lecture. 

The students are now opting for these apps so that they can learn something new in a quick time frame. The budget for using these apps is also very low and any of the students can definitely afford the eLearning apps very easily and without any financial problems. 

eLearning mobile apps are the future of this generation and you can invest your time and money in them for fruitful results. eLearning app development is a very easy and also interesting procedure to undertake. Our developers are always looking for these types of opportunities to showcase their talents. 

An eLearning portal has all of the things that a student needs in his or her life. These eLearning solutions will be very helpful for all of the students in the world today. 

With many different types of eLearning platforms that are present on the internet, one of the best among them is skillshare. Its program through which students all over the world can learn different types of skills through talented individuals.

Skillshare – All You Need To Know 

Skillshare is an educational app which was recently released on the internet. It has a lot of different courses which you can undertake to learn about them. The videos on the skillshare platform are around 10 minutes to 12 minutes. This is a very easy procedure to learn about the course in very less time. 

The subscription model which is present in the skillshare platform is also very affordable. You just have to pay a certain amount of fees in one month to avail all of the different types of courses which are present in the application. You can read any of the courses of your choice without even paying for it separately. This eLearning portal can be a very fun app for all of the students.


Revenue Model Of Skillshare 

Skillshare has a pretty large revenue model because of the services that they are providing to the students of the world. Skillshare is said to have a revenue of dollar 22.5 million. Also, the skillshare application has raised a total of 50 million dollars in funding. 

The proper advantage that skillshare has is the budget-friendly subscription fees. Also, there are different types of courses that the students can undertake by only giving fees of $10 to $12 per month. This is a very cheap option for all of the students in the world. You can learn courses ranging from calligraphy to even professionals like engineering. 

If we talk about the whole entire eLearning market then it is said that by the year 2025 the whole e-Learning market will make around dollar 300 million. It will be safe to say that this time is the best time to invest in an eLearning platform.

What Is Skillshare Offering? 

Skillshare is offering a whole bunch of options for the students. 

A Large Number Of Classes

Skillshare is an eLearning app with a lot of different skills. You can discover your favorite skills and learn about them anywhere anytime. There are different types of genres available in the application ranging from creativity to even professionalism. The tutors are also really good at their job.

Time Flexibility

There is no exact time limit to enter any course. You can easily enroll yourself in any of the skill courses according to your time. There is extreme time flexibility in the skillshare application. There is no time limit available for any of the students.


The subscription fees of skillshare are very less. The application is really very budget-friendly. You can avail of the different types of courses with just $12 of monthly fees. There is a list of courses which are available within this subscription plan. You do not have to pay anything extra for the courses.

Creative Education

Skillshare does not consist of boring big lectures. The videos that are available in skillshare are really short. The tutors of skillshare are instructed to prepare videos that are only 10 to 12 minutes long. You will not get a boring lecture at skillshare. This eLearning app is really interesting and creative. 

Proper Certification

After you complete a proper skillshare course then you are provided with a certification from the individual tutors. You do not get just the education but also a proper certification of the skills that you have learnt. That certification will almost work as a recommendation for your skills and your education. 

Subscription Revenue Model

Like many other educational applications, the skillshare application will not ask for heavy subscription fees. You can just submit $12 for your monthly subscription fee. There are no extra fees that you have to submit while taking different types of courses. You just have to submit the monthly fees and then you are good to go!

Features In These Types Of Apps

There are a ton of features that must be included in your eLearning platform to have it outstanding for the rest of the applications! 

Variety Of Courses

First of all, your eLearning app must have a variety of courses ranging from development to storytelling, writing, sales, management, communication, and so on. You have to make sure that your application is well equipped with different types of courses and a lot of varieties so that more and more people are attracted to it. 

No Cut Offs

Unlike any university or college, there should be no requirement of a cutoff or eligibility criteria to avail of the service of any learning application. You have to make sure that you are providing the courses without any cutoffs and eligibility criteria. There should be proper zero eligibility criteria to avail of different types of courses available in your application. If you keep eligibility criteria then it should be very minimal. 

Sign Up Feature

One of the main features which you have to develop in your eLearning app is the feature of registration or sign up. You have to make sure that your customers are registering themselves in your application so that you can track their progress and their reports. These unique accounts will help the students to track the different types of skills that they are learning from the application. 

Expert Tutors

If you are developing an eLearning platform then you have to recruit expert tutors so that they can help your students in the skills that they want to avail. You have to hire an expert bunch of individuals in your application so that your application can be rated as the best of all. Make sure that you are fulfilling the main objective of the application.

Low Cost

Prepare an e-Learning platform which is very low budget and cost-effective for all of the customers. Make sure that you are developing an application that caters to the needs of different types of students coming from different types of economical backgrounds. The budget-friendly nature of an application is very essential in providing the best experience. 

Profile Dashboard

Besides providing the unique account feature for your customers, make sure that you provide a dashboard situation in your application. The dashboard is often required to track the progress that is made by the students in the application. The dashboard will also show the different types of courses that the student is enrolled in within your application. It will enhance the visual appearance of your application. 

Mobile Applications

Make sure that you are providing vast flexibility to your e-learning platform. Your e-learning solution must be adaptable for the different devices. Make sure that you develop an iOS platform, Android platform, and even a web platform for e-Learning applications. 

How To Develop The Best eLearning App

To develop the best eLearning platform, you have to have the best user experience and user integration designing facilities with you. You have to have the best team members including business analysts, app developers, and graphic designers. 

Your application needs to be user-friendly and consistent. Make sure that you work on your visual designing and make sure that you enter the fun and exciting features in your application that will make it look more interesting for the students. You have to use the best technology that is present with you.

The Price Of Developing Such App

The price of developing a successful platform like skillshare mainly depends upon the region of your business.

If you are hiring the United States or United Kingdom-based designers then it will cost around 150 to 250 every hour. If you are hiring an eastern European designer then it will cost from $80 to 180 every hour. Similarly, if you are hiring Indian based designer that will cost around $20 to 70 every hour.

The proper cost of developing a successful eLearning mobile application can be around 10,000 to 30000 dollars on a whole level. Moreover, it also depends upon the complexity and the features that you have selected on your platform.