How much does it Cost for Taxi Booking App Development Like Ola?

How much does it Cost for Taxi Booking App Development Like Ola?

Taxi booking mobile app development is the new trend going on in the market. The millennials are always travelling around here and there but affording a car or any own vehicle in big cities is a very huge investment. Many of the millennials do not want to invest in the types of things that will be costly for them. In this era, the procedure for developing taxi apps is doing huge rounds. 

The main advantage of hiring a cab is the flexibility and the cheap rides that are provided by many of the cab companies. The people get discounts and the cab services are often stated as much cheaper than owning an actual vehicle. If we hire a taxi then we are exempted from the extra cost that will be induced upon us while we have a vehicle of our own. 

Taxi booking mobile app development can help you achieve success immensely in the coming time. Many of the app developers are now inclining towards going for taxi booking app development for their customers. Taxi app development will be the most requested procedure in the coming days. You must have your tools ready to become the next big thing by the process of taxi app development. 

There can be no other great time to start your taxi booking app development company than right now!

Statistics Of Taxi Booking Environment

The market for taxi app development is increasing day by day and if you look at the statistics you will be highly encouraged to start your own taxi booking app development company right now. People are developing Uber clone apps and Uber-like app development is taking place all over the world. This taxi app solution will not only help the customers but the business makers immensely. 

As of now, the taxi booking app development has the Global market value of $72 billion. These statistics are only said to be increasing day by day 

There are a ton of Uber clone apps available in the market and taxi app development is touching heights. 

The statistics are anticipated to reach around dollar 126521 million by 2025. This is highly impressive for any businessman. This is the maximum that we can convince you to invest in these types of businesses.

Types Of Taxi Booking Apps 

There are mainly two types of taxi booking apps available in the technological market today. Both of them are discussed below in detail.

Dedicated Taxi App 

Imagine if you have a taxi booking company, these dedicated taxi booking apps are mostly favorable for the people who already have many cars and many drivers on their side. 

The dedicated taxi booking app represents your company and through them, you will get a high number of customers attracted to your business. You can launch this app while you are wanting to develop your business through digital media. 

Many companies have developed dedicated taxi booking apps for their digital presence. You can do so too! 

The extra revenue that you will earn from the apps will come through third-party advertisements or the traffic that your website will attract.

Aggregator Taxi App 

If you do not have a working business in the taxi booking environment then you can easily go for the aggregator taxi booking application. 

In this type of taxi booking application, you really don’t need a lot of cars and drivers. You can easily develop an application and just list the different drivers with their taxis so that the customers can directly contact them. 

The aggregator taxi app also possesses two different types of applications.

Simple App 

In the simple aggregator taxi booking app, you just have to develop a single application for all of your customers. In that application, you can list services of different cab drivers with their commercial. 

There is less complication: you just have to develop a portal through which the customers are able to contact the taxi drivers on their own. In this type of app, there is much less responsibility.

On-Demand App 

Many famous taxi apps just like Ola and Uber run on-demand cab booking modules. In this module, there is a list of taxi drivers who are available in your region and then you have to book your services through the application. 

The application of on-demand cab booking can be a hideous task but the revenue that is made by this application is quite high then the simple cab booking application.

Working Of A Taxi App 

The working of a cab booking app is very simple. You have to develop an app which is user friendly and can help the customers in any way. 

For the customers, it is very easy to book the taxi through a cab booking system. They can just contact the proper taxi driver which is enlisted in the application and talk to him about their location. The payout system infamous applications is based on an automated manner. 

The technology for cab booking app development is increasing day by day and we are witnessing the different types of features in these applications which makes it very easy for us to book any cab through them.

Features Of The Taxi App

If you want to develop a successful cab booking app for Android or even iOS then it should have the following features embedded in it.

Social Media Login 

The customers must have the right to log in through their social media accounts in your application. This will give them the flexibility of keeping in track their rides and payouts.

Traffic Tracking 

The latest feature which is inbuilt in many of the cab booking applications is the feature of tracking the traffic. You must give this feature in your application. This will help the customers to track the heated areas in their region.

Push Notifications 

The importance of push notification in any application is very wide. You must develop the feature of push notification to help your customers identify different offers and discounts available at any given point of time in your application.

Tracking Of The Taxi 

The real-time tracking of the cab must be the most important feature in any cab booking applications. This feature is really needed when the customers are running out of time and they need to know the exact location of their taxi.

Multiple Payouts 

It is very important that a taxi booking application consists of multiple payout options. Many of the customers prefer different types of layout options. You never know the exact payout option that will suit your audience. Make sure you develop three or four getaways for payments.

Payment Calculator 

Automatic payment calculator is also the newest trend in these taxi booking applications. These payment calculators will not only help the customer but also the driver. It will also decrease the confusion of the payment in between both the parties.

Preference Of Driver 

Many of the customers who are using your application for a long time prefer their own drivers. You must give your customers the flexibility of choosing their preferred driver as per their preference and liking.

In-App Communication

Make sure you develop a portal in your application which enables the customers to talk to the driver or the customer care executive. There are many types of features that you can develop in your application including in-app chatting or in-app voice or video calls.

Creation Of A Successful Application 

Cab booking app development is a very latest trend in technology but to be successful in this trend you have to recruit a proper application development team in your company. Make sure that you are recruiting project managers, Android iOS developers, back-end developers, QA experts and graphic designers who are quite good in their job. 

There must be a proper app development procedure that you are following while developing these kinds of applications. You must hire the best app development company to help you achieve the success that you want.

Pricing Of The Application

The precise pricing of a taxi booking mobile application cannot be calculated correctly until and unless you specify the complexity of your application, number of the application platform, features for the app and the region in which you are developing your mobile application. 

If you are developing your application in India then it will be going to cost you around 20,000 to 35,000 dollars. but if you are adding more complexity in your app that it can go up to $50,000. 

$50,000 is the maximum cost that you will ever incur in your life for developing a taxi book mobile application.

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