How Much Does eLearning App Development Costs?

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Students are actively choosing e-learning above their in-person classes. E-learning can be the new future of education. We are also day by day looking into different types of eLearning App Development platforms which are introduced by different companies. It will not be wrong to say that eLearning app development can be very successful in future. 

The success of these e-learning platforms is inevitable. You can be one successful person by development these e-learning apps on your own. The features and the convenience that is provided through this platform help the students to make their studies better and more practical. 

The procedure of developing a successful StudyOrbit – eLearning App Development must be filled with understanding the needs of the students. The students are actively looking for opportunities which can shape their future and help them develop their skills.

E learning portal can be very beneficial for the upcoming age of students. The flexibility and the time management that comes with these e learning solutions will help the students to overcome their fear of examinations. 

Kids are understanding the power of online lectures and they are always ready to gain knowledge anytime and anywhere. The trend of e-Learning is never going out of style. There are many benefits which are provided by these e-learning mobile apps, one of which is the mobility of education.

Through these platforms, you can get an education anywhere and anytime. 

Nowadays, we all are well aware of the different types of education apps for students that have been launched by different companies. The most recent education platform which has been developed to help all of the students is known as Vedantu

Vedantu was developed recently and is a new competitor in this market of e-learning platforms. You can easily avail of the educational services at the platform. There are courses and life lectures which are provided by teachers of different subjects.

Vedantu has a vast list of quality teachers who are available to impart knowledge to the students enrolled under the application. 

What Is Vedantu? 

Vedantu was an e learning app which was developed by four people who came from an IIT background. This learning platform is a portal through which students and teachers can directly interact with each other. This e learning system is quite unique from all of the others present in the market today. 

The sole purpose of introducing this platform is to make sure that the students and teachers have a personal connection with each other so that there can be a proper educational conversation. Vedantu consists of personal classes and one on one discussion with teachers.

The students can choose their favourite teachers and continue their classes with them on the application. 

Currently, there are more than 1300 employees present in this organisation working towards a better future for our students. The services which are available by this e learning platform will help our students to develop their skill and talent. 

Revenue Of Vedantu 

The estimated revenue of Vedantu is around 219.1 million dollars per year. This business model will never fail to impress you by its numerical of profit and turnover.  

Vedantu has a different module then all of the other e-learning mobile apps because it provides one on one session for the teachers and the students so that the students can understand the style of teaching of a particular teacher.

The students can continue with that teacher for the rest of their education. There are some paid classes and some unpaid classes available as per the preference of the student. 

Turnover Of The Industry 

Currently, the turnover of the e-Learning industry is around $325 billion. The turnover of these platforms is increasing day by day due to the sudden increase in online class preference. The students are actively giving preference to the online classes provided by these platforms. 

The opportunity of giving your business a successful turn will never come more easily to you. You have to invest in these e-learning platforms because they are the future of this generation. There are different types of e-Learning platforms available today. 

It takes time to develop a successful business idea but the turnover and profit which is provided by these ideas are very much high and impressive. Day by day there is different custom eLearning development taking place in the world. 

Hire The Right Developer 

Developing an e-Learning platform can be a hideous task and to make all of your tasks very simple, you can hire the best Android and iOS app developers. To make your business a successful venture you have to make sure that you are hiring the best of the developers that are available in the market today.

Developing education apps for students is the most overwhelmingly happy task that anyone can indulge in. 

There are different types of developers available for your business but you have to make sure that you are hiring the best of them. Make sure that your developers are happy to develop educational apps for the iPhone also. 

The best app developer will have the qualities of developing the most suitable business application according to your expectations and your taste. This app developer will help you to target the correct audience and expand your reach through your eLearning App Development. 

You can easily give your app development procedure to a freelancer who will only work with your company on a contract or you can hire a full-time app developer who will be available in front of your eyes that is physically in your company. 

Both of these options seem quite good if the quality of the app developer is according to your needs. You just have to make sure that you are hiring the best person that can do this job. 

Create The Best Talents 

Another very important aspect of creating an e-Learning platform is to develop a strong team of individuals. Your company must build a team which is capable of developing a successful business module according to your expectations. 

The proper team of business analyst, project manager, graphic designers, Android developers, delivery managers, QA professionals will do wonders on your upcoming projects. You have to make sure that you are hiring the best employees. This procedure will help you to make your application unique and at the same time very user friendly.

You need to target the right audience and hit the right flow in the industry. 

Features Of A Successful E-learning Platform 

A successful e-learning platform will definitely have a lot of features which will be helping the audience operating the application. The most important criteria for building a successful application is the user-friendly nature of it. There can be different types of features available for the people who are using the e-Learning platform. 


When you are providing knowledge to the students then you must also include the option of testing. The portal of testing will help the students to understand the concepts more clearly and also they can take up tests to test their skills and knowledge. The testing portal will definitely do wonders in the education system provided by your application. 


The option of analyzing your previous record of education is a very cool method of looking through the journey that you have undertaken in the application. The analyzing option will help the students to understand how they are coping up with their problems. This will be a great initiative by the application. 


You can provide an option of revision through the application. The revision option will not only help the students to learn the concept more clearly but it will also help them to read the highlighted sections minutes before their examination.

The revision section will come in very handy when the students are about to give some serious examinations and they need to revise their subjects. 

Practice Sessions 

Practice sessions will be very helpful for all of the students who are not able to understand the concepts and wants to practice them again and again just to be sure. You can prepare random multiple-choice questions or different questions related to different subjects in this practice session section of your application.

This practice session will also be very helpful at the time of examinations. 

Live Classes 

Live classes or one on one classes are very helpful for the students because through them they get to solve their doubts and their problems by directly asking the teachers. You can hire different teachers of different streams who can conduct live classes to help your audience. So eLearning App Development help you for the same.


The application needs to have a portal through which the students can register themselves in it. The procedure of registration is very necessary because it is very important for a student to keep a record of his or her progress in the application.

The registration procedure will help in keeping a record of the student. 

Searching Courses

The procedure of looking through different types of courses available in the application can be very tiring so one must always develop a portal through which the students can search the courses of their choice without scrolling through all of the different courses available in the application. 

Pricing Of The Courses

Some applications provide two types of courses to the students namely paid courses and unpaid courses. You must always provide a list of prices through which the course is available. If the course is unpaid then you must provide the information right beside the name of the course.

Similarly, if the course is paid then you must provide the price of the course right beside the name. The idea must be clear in the mind of the students. 

Course Detail

You must always provide the details regarding a course with the name and the price of the course. You must never confuse the audience. Make sure that you are providing the full detail of the course and a list of knowledge that will be provided while taking that course. 

Live Chatting

It is also very important to provide an option of live chatting while the student is taking a particular course. You must understand the need for communication. There can be a separate portal in which the students can chat among themselves regarding the course that they are taking.

Make sure that you provide a procedure through which the students can contact their teachers directly. 


This is a very new trend in the technology industry and you should definitely invest your ideas in this new venture to develop the best profits and turnovers. You can usually develop platforms which are capable of providing education to the students around the world. 

Developing an eLearning App Development will not only do wonders to the students but also to humanity in the world. Imparting knowledge is a kind of social service. You should definitely try your hands on it.