Cost of Developing a Handyman App Its Benefits and Features


Now, we all have to accept how hectic and chaotic life has become. Handyman App Development is like what you need in your regular life. We have to spare time for each and everything that we do here. It may be anything from buying groceries to call a plumber. Everybody here cannot afford high-class systems in their houses and look after it. What is the solution to it?  Is there even any solution? As it is said “necessity is the mother of invention”, similarly we have the core necessity of such a handy app that provides us with all these small words that we cannot spare our time for. Those things are equally important but we do not have much time to fix it.

The handyman app has got you covered. This app actually helps people in getting their work done. It has various benefits due to its features and services. It resolves all the work that you left behind you didn’t have time for. This app is renowned for its services and time management. It works as our personal time management and never lets us delay in time. There may be various types of apps available in the app store but it can only withstand when it is a timely service provider and user-friendly. Well, thirstyDevs takes care of everything while developing the best app for you.  One of the important criteria to look upon the handyman app is that it will provide all the services that you think of approaching it. All in one service provider app will be the handyman app. When you are looking for any service sector handyman will be there for you.

About Handyman App

You might have seen the handyman service provider like uber which is renowned in its own way. Why is it so renowned? It is renowned for its services and some of its features on the app. In today’s era, it has become very essential to save time. So the handyman app business is one of the best sources to develop and grow within. You just have to stay consistent in providing service person whenever required. For the business of handyman to start you need a handyman app to be developed where people can approach you. People need to know that you are the one who is providing service at its best.

There will be lots of specifications in the terms of services. Services will be differentiated according to their niche. From repairing the taps to self-care pampering session by a beautician, everything will be provided by the handyman app within no time. It takes care that the customer is happy with the services they asked for. Handyman does not believe in the delay of time.

Working Of A Handyman App

Handyman on-demand application development will be quite an interesting task for the application developers of your company but it will definitely bring you a truckload of success and profit. 

There are many benefits that will be provided to you by a handyman application. These benefits will help you to lead a stress-free life. Sometimes when we are stuck in a problem, we tend to find people who can help us but finding people who will help us in solving our problems is a huge take. Handyman application platform will give you the freedom to choose the perfect people to help you accomplish a task. 

Local handyman app will help you to find a handyman near your location which will also help you to save time and the stress of telling them the exact address of your resident. 

The right handyman can be a blessing to your problem. 

Now, when you try to call your serviceman for a particular work, they will take the maximum time and they might not be available every time you call them and your work can get delayed. Going and following the schedule never works here. Thus, this app will help you to the best it can by providing services with no delay in time. This not only saves their time but will build trust in the customer’s persecution because at last all they need is a managed schedule. Lets us all look at what features this app carries and how it works.

There are various features that one can follow and dig into the app thereafter.


When you install the app, all you have to do is login filling up with the general credentials. This will help in having your own account in the handyman app and can operate it from that every time.


You will have to set your location in order to track the service person available near you. If it is nearby your place they can easily come for providing the service. You will easily find the handyman near you.


Customers can schedule appointments at their time preferences. This helps in both ways. Nobody has to wait for the delay in time. In case of any emergencies, one can always postpone or cancel the appointments. Now, this is something that will be an organized feature of this app.


This is one of the important features of any app or any services. It sometimes becomes a little difficult to maintain the revenue record. This app makes it an easy process for you. Payment methods include all the payment modes where one can pay via any medium and process it. It is quite flexible to pay which makes it easy for the customers.


This feature lets you track the service provider person where that person has reached and by what time he/she may arrive. In business owners, this panel is present so as to they can track the person and that service provider can track your way to home. It makes work easy and customers can assume that at what time the service person is going to arrive.


This panel will help customers to have a record of what services they asked for earlier. This helps in keeping a record of approaching them. Sometimes we tend to forget things but now the app has it all records. Not only customers but even the service provider has the record of services approached by an individual. It maintains the workflows and history of previous services provided.


At last, give a chance to your customers to review it right about your app. Due to their review, there will be other people who will be watching it and then approaching it to the handyman app. This helps in boosting traffic for your app.

Cost of a Handyman App

The cost of developing a successful On-Demand Handyman App most importantly depends upon the different types of features that you are including in it. The prices of developing an application also depend upon the platform through which you are developing it. 

The cost of developing an application is always fluctuating. 

The estimated cost that South Asian app developers will cost you to develop a handyman application is around $10k to $15k.

If we talk about the American and the European app developers then they will cost you around \$25k to \$30k.

You can increase or decrease the app development cost as per the features that you are including in your application.