What makes Ionic Framework Great For PWA Development

If you are looking for a web app, the Ionic Framework is the right platform to look for. We have seen various other platforms for mobile application development which are the most significant to use for the developers. Then comes the Ionic Framework which is one of the relevant sources for the PWA that is progressive web apps. The Ionic App Development Company was founded in the year of 2013 which is not too old for the usage of the developers. It is something equipped with the modern touch for our generation developers to use it. For better reach in the terms of engagement and traffic in an app, it must develop PWA for it.

It has various benefits that we will go through further. Ionic App Development is one of the open sources for the SDK for various mobile hybrid apps. It also supports various mobile over 110 device features such as Cordova plugins, typescript extensions, Bluetooth, and whatnot. The Ionic Framework uses various languages such as HTML5, Java, CSS, and its native features and then makes it available for the mobile to accept it as a mobile application. It is providing the best platform to the web developers for turning out the better version of developing the best web applications and more. There are various applications made out of the Ionic Framework and more. There are various features compiling justification for web developers and app developers. 

Features and working of the Ionic Framework

Various features help developers to easily make one good web app for the better creation of it. It inoculates functionality to the native apps where a developer can easily edit and customize the web app according to requirement. Editing and customization are not limited to the one programming development but available in every programming platform namely windows, iOS, and OSandroid. This is one of the benefits which does not restrict developers to customize or edit through only one developing platform. 

Not only it takes the responsibility for building web applications through it but also supports after developing application features such as testing and running it. Developers can test and run it through CLI by using its elements and angular interaction.

It also avails you to create a robust application based on the SASS which provides a load of UI components. 

Some of the main features which enhance the Ionic Framework app development platform. Ultimately every feature is widely used by the developers for the creation of fantabulous web apps and also it has minimum restrictions for developing it and quite a flexible part for the creation of the web application and especially PWA. 

What is PWA?

Before barging into how the Ionic Framework helps in the PWA development, it is important that first, we know a bit about PWA. We all know how various apps have saved us from the various this which also includes every type of application such as any service application to any learning applications. PWA is not available in any app store or google play store but we can directly get from the common browser with provided links. It is way easy to build it and so any programming developer can use it and download it from the web. 

Not only these, but there are renowned applications that we use in our daily lives that have progressed through PWA. Applications have placed a different role in our lives but giving it the shape of the PWA takes it another level. So it becomes way easier to download it from web browsers. It is mostly benefited in the engagement and building traffic in that particular application. Facebook, Uber, Twitter, and so many other famous applications have turned to the next level because of adapting PWA. And increases engagement as it has no restriction or limited access to it. 

Benefits of PWA

We now have a little idea about the benefits of the PWA which is an opensource providing the various types of features for the developers in terms of building web applications.

Users can download it from any common web browser through any link which helps any programming platform to download it from the source. 

This PWA can easily lead to higher engagement with the maximum people and can gain productive traffic to your platform.

Why Ionic for PWA development?

Hearing about PWA, Ionic Platform for PWA is the best platform. Talking about Ionic Mobile App Development, we often look for the various mobile app development in the market in which we make sure about the proper working of it. Similarly, if you are thinking of developing PWA in Ionic App Development, it is one of the best sources and platforms available for making it one. In this, you get to create your developed designs on your terms.

  • The Ionic Platform allows you to build it over the various technology sectors where you can build it on any platform where you can have no restrictions over it.
  • The background content updating is constantly working for the developers.
  • Before when the Ionic was not in the picture, developers had the struggle of making different native coding applications for the different programming platforms of Windows, iOS, and androids, they could not provide the common sector for all three. Since the Ionic came into the picture, it has become a lot easier to create it where developers can create it in common platforms.
  • While it is getting created in such a way that from any platform any user can use it and also worked in all the technical sectors were then commonly called hybrid apps. In short, hybrid apps were easy to make from the Ionic which provided a common platform and native coding to the developer.
  • After the foundation of the Ionic Framework platform, the ratio of developing native applications for a particular individual platform decreased in no time. It had a huge decreasing ratio which dropped around 3% to almost 22% in several months and then years.
  • It has then become important work to build PWA in ionic to entertain various benefits. As it is opensource for the environment to build and develop web applications like various others, it becomes the best source to create it too. For developers, it has become now easy to develop it under the Ionic Framework.


To conclude the scenario of developing PWA in Ionic Framework it has become obvious that Ionic Mobile App Development is the relevant source and platform for building it. As we know how this platform provides the flexibility overbuilding it as well as using it for the web apps, it is most recommended to use it for the making of the web applications where there is no issue of limitations as well as any restrictions for not using it. Not only it provides an opensource platform but also it is very costeffective to build any ionic over this platform. From all the benefits and advantages, we can easily come to know that PWA is meant to be made on the Ionic Platform.