As we all know that how digitally the world has evolved. How it has made our work easier and yet not at all time-consuming. Each and everything is present online considering clothes, household things, groceries, and whatnot. One of the unique concepts of people carrying forward business is also developed. One of them is creating a “Beauty Service App”. Yes, it is one of the creative concepts where you urge to book your services online, sit back, and pamper yourself. Sparing time for ourselves becomes difficult with visiting the various salons for our care session. Self-care here means sitting back at your house booking online appointments with beauticians and self-care expertise online with your scheduled time. Isn’t that even fascinating even to hear all this? It has become now easy to book your service at your own house itself.

We all know how pandemic has created situations around the world but as it is said: “you got to do what you got to do”. Why don’t we just book our beauty and self-care services online? Is it safe? Yes, it is 100% safe as it is all registered with the involvement of expert staff and beauticians. It is trustworthy in the case of hygiene as sanitization is a constant activity. Varied people can join your app and book themselves which ultimately develops an individual company’s branding as well as services they provide. Let’s dig into what a Beauty Service App looks like?

Creating A Beauty Service App

Firstly it is a wonderful idea to create it. As it includes various options and features to choose from, which ultimately will be beneficial to both clients and owners. There are various dashboards available of different categories through which it becomes easy for a client to book their services from your company. Online beauty treatments become way easier when it comes to booking and appointing it. So firstly for a Beauty Service App, there are various options available which go like;

For any Beauty Service App to create, it must look creative and hassle-free so that maximum people can easily adapt to the services. Tabs are created to choose for the category you want to binge in. beauty services includes various things such as;

  1. Hair treatment
  2. Hair cut
  3. Skin treatment
  4. Makeup
  5. Styling
  6. Manicure and pedicure
  7. Body care treatments

Categories mentioned will be created in Beauty Service App and at last, it depends on what other services does your company provides. According to categories, it will be easier for the customer to choose and directly book without getting confused. As when a person gets confused while running an app, it directly uninstalls it which is human nature. We don’t want that and thirstyDevs to try to keep it as simple and yet elegant for both customers and its owner to use. While any clients look upon the category and choose from their Salon Booking App will be a further process carried forward;

Product brand- it includes various beauty products available and can choose which suits you. You are thereby given an option.

Special beautician if wants to choose any: if you want to adapt service from special expertise beautician you can always book your appointments with them and schedule it.

Special personalized beauty services: if you want anything which should be taken care of while choosing for a product or other services, you can mention there and that will be taken care of.

Time Scheduling

These are some attractive features of an app where customers no more feel like they are booking services online. They will build personal connections with it. After going through these categories you can easily schedule it according to date and time. You can also d calendar-booking where you can choose dates for your online scheduling. It is of your choice and your time. This makes a little more comfortable as the customer gets to adapt these services according to their suitable time. You can always re-schedule or cancel it in case of any emergencies occur and you cannot proceed further. One can have a record of past and future appointments.

Personalized Conversation

One can always contact owners or beauticians with the feature of personal chat or engaging through social media through the link mentioned in the app. various stylists are appointed to give you the best style possible. Customers can take suggestions from a beautician or a stylist for their look or for which service they should proceed. It becomes a very personalized app and one does not feel that it is all online procedures to adapt.

Customers, Owners, And Beautician Dashboards

There will be various dashboards and according to the “Beauty Service App,” two dashboards are a must which makes a little easier for three of them to use. These dashboards will help them in various ways namely;

Time management- it saves time to look for the things you are looking for Record- it preserves the record sorted and it does not get messed up Several clients- one can always know the number of their clients divided on a regular and random basis.

Easy to use- it becomes easy to use when things do not take time and it is categorized in a manner.

Dashboard-1 [Clients/Customers]

In the category of the client’s dashboard, it includes various things that are sorted and listed for the clients. Things go from choosing services to completion and giving feedbacks to services.

Registration Of Online Salon Booking

One can register himself/herself and get started with the app after adding some needed credentials. It presents you as valuable customers to it.

Service Options

As mentioned service lists above it come in the service option where customer can choose their services.

Brand Of Product

One gets to choose the brands of products they are already using or wants to use. It is totally up to customers to choose brand type.

Payment Methods

One gets to choose various options of payment methods;

online banking and its options as well as cash. The payment method is flexible.

Packages Or Combo Offers

It updates you with packages, special discounts and any combo offers available for the services provided.

Chat With Owners Or Beautician

One can always have a conversation with the beautician regarding their service details, styling, or any other beauty service-related concerns.

Dashboard-2 [Owner And Beautician]

This dashboard will be provided to the owner which will be a little different from the previous one.


The owner needs to register so that customers can approach them via the app, social media links, or any other medium you have added.

User Request

This helps in showing the user request for the services. If a customer has booked any services, it shows as a notification to them on the app. This helps in appointing and moving further with the process with the record.

Catalog Management

It is important as various customers will be approaching your services and they need catalog as a reference and thus it needs to be updated timely.

Schedule The Stylist/Beautician

This helps in appointing a particular stylist and beautician and so it does not get a delay on the spot. It is pre-reminded to them.

Action To Services

The owner can accept, decline, or reschedule requests in case of any emergencies occurring or any delay of time. By these customers directly comes to know the status of services.


Cost and service payment is managed by it. It also includes service taxes or any other taxes charged to customers. It helps in keeping the proper record and proof.

Acknowledged Features

These will be the feature of an app or web which includes extra information in case any customers want to know and update themselves.

Photos And Videos

Updating photos and videos will help customers to see how services are the showcase. This helps in boosting the customer’s confidence to choose your services. This also showcases the regular services opted for by customers.

Blogging And Research

This includes blogs of particular beauty services and many other things

Subscription Package

In case if any customer wants to apply for any subscription packages available in the apps with their benefits.


Different brand products are sold and any customer can buy it.

Push Notifications

In case of any new update, push notifications are always there to remind you from the app so that you don’t miss out on any offers or an update.


One can always give their feedback in the form of testimonials so that reviews are showcased in front of other customers which ultimately builds trust.

These dashboards not only make an easy process but it shows the modernism of a company to be formatted that way. Beauty Service App is one of a kind and one should always choose to get renowned.