Top 10 Pros And Cons Of Ionic App Development Framework thirstyDevs


We all know the Ionic framework for the development of the hybrid apps where it is used for both the developing platforms android and ios. It is mostly used for developing UI elements while developing applications. It is supported by the applications mainly Javascript language and it is surrounded by the Javascript environment. It is an inbuilt Cordova set plugin. If you are looking for the best hybrid application platform then the Ionic app development platform is the best to create it. The Ionic platform for hybrid app development is the best platform to perform on. It is almost supported by 120 native feature devices which include the features that we use in day to day life.

Ionic Framework is renowned for its functionality and the featuring module to look for the development of the platform wherein developers can easily customize in the OS android and ios platforms. For instance, if you have noticed, there are some applications which are not available on the platform of the play store or app store, we have to directly download it from the browser. Also, for such web app development, the Ionic plays an important part in developing it, such web apps are known as Program Web apps. PWA can be created and developed the best way from the Ionic Framework.

Pros And Cons Of The Ionic Platform Framework

Advantages and disadvantages are a core part of anything. There are always pros and cons especially when it comes to virtual online platforms. Lets discuss some of the pros and cons of the Ionic platform framework for app development for more clarity and to know which are the best platforms to choose for crossplatform development. Also, there is various crossplatform app development in the market but developers always require the best ones to work upon.


Various benefits to attain this as a developer is benefited from the Ionic platform.

  1. From the Ionic framework, you can develop web apps quickly and easily. It becomes an easy process to develop. When the platform does not take much time in preparing the product we want, we often get plenty of time to market it.
  2. And, it does not restrict any platform in which it has to be made, it can be made over any browsers you find to make it.
  3. The Ionic platform is for both, ios and android. It becomes an easy process for the people to use it over any developing platform and hence there are no restrictions over any performing platform.
  4. Not only that, but it also supports the various lingual platform such as angular, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  5. Also, it does not restrict any devices and in fact, it allows smartphones to operate it too.
  6. The most important to while making a web app is the testing part of it. In testing, one has to test every working part of the developed web app. It becomes more important to have a look at it after it is developed as it will be launched in front of people. The testing process is very quick and it scans the bugs and problems if it occurs in no time. It ultimately saves time and the testing procedure is made quick.
  7. It helps in caring out the documentation process easily. People often wonder about the documentation of something which is held virtually. Well, it helps in the detailed information of the particular platform. In this Ionic platform, it covers all the components of the Ionic and the process of installing to launching it. This helps in more clarity of the usage by the people.
  8. And, it provides a wide range of plugin facilities and provides variety in the form of integration and other hardware and devices. It becomes an easy process to be carried out by developers and later for the users. Cordova plugin provides with the list which is referred by the users.
  9. It has the best afterservice support. It is available 24×7 for the users if they are facing any problems or obligations. Well, at last, it is all technical. Problems and bugs can occur at any time.
  10. Helps in developing both native and hybrid apps. Both of them are in high demand when it comes to digitalization and hence it must be developed properly.


  1. It shows the perfect working functionality when it comes to the common working of mobile apps with a common configuration. It lacks its performance which is a drawback of the Ionic platform.
  2. Native plugins of the Ionic platform is not so supportive and it fluctuates when it comes to working of it.
  3. When it comes to solving the debugging it slightly gets it lagging probation in it and it takes more time to resolve it.
  4. There sometimes comes security issues where it lacks security affairs and it becomes difficult to handle it as a common coding system makes it easy for the hackers to make it working for developing their product.
  5. As this platform supports various other plugin modules and languages, it becomes difficult to manage it in the terms of maintaining it and working on it.


When it comes to the state of taking a decision, I would preferably suggest choosing the Ionic platform over any other, as it is most useful and it does not let you down while developing it. It is a restrictionfree platform from every side of the condition. Also, it becomes an easy task for the developers to use it without restrictions and hence it is most preferred by the people.

If developers are fully expertise in the development of the angular framework then it is the best platform to build it over. Your choice should be in the favour of your priorities which will ultimately become an easy task to develop any product over this platform.