Key Features & Cost of Developing Food Delivery Apps

On-demand food delivery apps have emerged a lot in the market in no time. Have you ever wondered why only Zomato and Swiggy stand out from every other Food Delivery App? There are various reasons for this. We all might be aware of these food delivery apps and using it frequently for ordering food. I have never had a bad experience regarding food deliveries. They have gained trust right from the first when they were launched in the market. They have given us the fantabulous features to us by which ordering and delivering food becomes an easy process. Want to develop a similar app like it? Let’s know the key features of this app and how does it help us in boosting up our business? 

Key Features 

We are very well versed in the features of the Zomato and Swiggy because we have been ordering frequently from it. We all have been using these food apps like no other. The features which are mentioned must be followed up to the mark. 

Managing places

As it is the feature that is getting your food from your favorite restaurants it is difficult for them to manage places but these apps make sure that the places are managed for the delivery as well as getting it from restaurants. A business owner should take care of this app as it should not get fussy once it has started working. 

Analyzing performance

The activity which is going on, it is important to monitor the performance level as it is all an online process from finding restaurants to ordering food and then delivering it at your place. It analyzes the whole performance and keeps a record of every activity and does not let you troubleshoot any problems. 

Route and location record

One of the best features of this app is optimizing the route and location throughout. Users can easily track their delicious food coming their way with the help of GPS location. Users can always guide the driver in case of any misguidance during traveling. By tracking you can easily see how much time it will be there in front of you. Users can easily manage their time. 

Order completion report

There is a whole report from finding restaurants to ordering food from one restaurant and delivering it to your place. It has a full record of the process where there is a

report that generated your order at last. Customers or a user can use it whenever they need it to see. It appears as a history in front of customers. Users can also know from where they ordered and what food was ordered previously.   

Multi-language support

This app supports almost all the language as it has to appear almost in front of every corner of the world where languages differ. If they do not support multi-language then that is of no use as maximum people will not be able to operate it. 

Availability of app

Many restaurants are open 24×7. Orders from this app will be there for you at any time of your order. Not only orders are accepted any time from it but the customer care services and the support from the team will always be at your preference and one can anytime file a complaint to this app and get the solution. 

Multi-payment options

When you order food from this app and finally when you get your food at your door, there are various options available for the payment. The payment options are flexible and you get various options for the payment. Every payment option is available for the payment and at last, you can also order it for the cash on delivery. 

Choices from various restaurants

Various restaurants are available for your choice where anyone can choose many restaurants as per your food preference. This option is given to you as maximum restaurants have registered their name through this app. This can be the best as you get a variety of choices for food to choose from. 

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews are important sources for any app to run where one can give their feedback through ratings and reviews. By reviewing with honest feedback one can know from where it is relevant to order food from. Ratings also help in the performance of the delivery guy’s work. By rating them it can bring out the varied change in their work profile and their performance. 


For such a huge platform to be built up, it needs to be managed and carried out properly to fulfill the needs of users as well as business owners. It is required to establish the proper working of every feature mentioned. Well, thirstyDevs Infotech takes care of everything when it comes to making a fantabulous app.  The cost of this app is worth paying the price for. When you notice around the market, it doesn’t have to have the best prices but thirstyDevs gives you the best price offers. Generally, it has the price starting from $10000 for this app but there is no harm in contacting us personally for the accurate detail for the same. Gathering information by getting in touch personally leads to various new ideas for making it one of the best apps. 

Looking for the best business on the internet? A virtual platform gives you the best platform to showcase your business and to earn a huge amount of revenue out of it. It needs to be managed and synchronized properly. On the virtual platform, it is important to know the taste of an audience. To know what and which type of audience likes to get engaged in what concept. Apps like Zomato and Swiggy have made our lives easier as we do not have to run for the food parcels to take or look after the restaurants.

You can easily look for the restaurants and choose from the best you want. It is a huge platform to invest in as people are never going to hate ordering food from restaurants and cafes. They are always going to binge on food anytime and anywhere. This platform gives users the freedom of choosing and ordering food anytime and anywhere. Making an app like this will always have the gates of revenue open for you with a huge amount.