Key Features And Cost Of Developing Salon Directory App Like Vagaro

Key Features And Cost Of Developing Salon Directory App Like Vagaro

Have ever come across where there is only one platform for a similar kind of work? Yes, we have, there are many. And that is Salon Directory App. Why do we need such platforms and what are the benefits to business owners? Well, there are many benefits as virtual platforms are getting wide in terms of business and service providers.

If you develop an app like Vagaro, what are the benefits from its features, and how does it boost up your business and services? This app brings out great revenue. This application will be solely made by thirstyDevs where you just have to rely on.

It is a simple app, which provides you the platform of achieving the name out of your services. You can simply register your brand name and start your journey of business with an app like Vagaro with us. It is a platform for starting up your business to another level where anybody can apply and look for their opportunities in the same field.


By just looking at the introduction, you might be wondering that there have to be some benefits to it. It is highly benefited in the terms of branding, revenue-boosting, and business boosting. It is the best virtual platform for beauty salon service providers and users of the Salon Directory App. This app is a solution for every individual who is looking for the perfect platform or even to those who are rendering to boost up their salon services. This is for those people who want to develop the Salon Directory App.

They need to register on this platform and let people choose you for the further services they want to approach. Customers can easily choose you from the services you provide to them. For the vision, you need to build up your profile in such a way that every service provider should display it virtually. Our developers make an excellent Salon Marketplace Script for Salon and Spa related business.

Those who are already seeking appointments from your brand can approach or keep an engagement with them via Email-marketing so they can have personalized feedback or conversations. These benefits in retaining the customers if any are lost. It provides you the best visibility to keep an eye on customers through whom they can track the behavioral pattern of booking services by customers and their service providers. By this, you can visualize the pattern of business. It is one of the benefits that they do not have to make records but simply can look at the records and note it. 

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Beneficial Features

Various features are highly beneficial to the business owners through his app. Let us know this platform a little in-depth.

Schedule Appointment

Customers can easily schedule an appointment with all those services they require. One can hire the beautician experts of their choice for their services. They can pre-book and also book the appointments for the requirements of the future service at a particular time and date. This helps in managing the time as well as the schedule. It ultimately saves the time of service providers as well as customers.

Booth Rental

You can rent out booths for the services to carry forward. One can also start their business in the new form or carry forward with their business on this platform by seeing big benefits.

Client Management

You can easily manage the clients by not making them clash in the appointments between two clients or customers. This can be reduced with the help of this app. It manages and records every detail of clients and your manual registration is reduced and you become free from managing it manually.

Email Marketing

It is one of the sources of best marketing where everything looks professional and the process is carried out decently. Customers will be provided with various emails of greetings, schemes, and various other messages.

Employee Management

it makes sure that the employees they have hired are up to date with their skills and provide the best service they can with the help of their knowledge in the service. The management of employees has carried out wherefrom all the details to provide the service are carried forward.

Gift Card Management

incase of any birthdays or any other special days, loyal customers and clients deserve to provide the gift cards and this is managed by this app where business owners get the reminders with date, time, and names. It builds trust between the customers and business owners.

Loyalty Program

A loyalty program here means the interaction between customers and the business owners in good terms. Business owners can provide the best schemes to their loyal customers or any complimentary thing to carry forward with their clients. This motivates the individual customer to always approach your services. It is the sweetest gesture provided by the business owners.


can carry out considering the multi-location so that people from any corner of the location can get the benefit of the services.

Payroll & Commissions

you can get the best payroll by providing the best services and can earn commission by being a mediator in the form of providing any services through any other medium.

Recurring Appointments

one can always delay, cancel, or postpone the appointments in case of any issue or objections.


you can always set a reminder where one does not forget to complete tasks on time. Reminders are the key feature when it comes to large booking styles and even manage service bookings.

Social Marketing

to build up virtually, it is highly important to be consistent in social marketing. It should reach the maximum people and know about your services.


Cost is one of the important factors that everybody wants to know about it before pursuing any virtual platform investment. A virtual platform has its benefits where one can invest as it is worth investing.

The price of an app like Vogaro starts from USD 10000 to $15000(starting range) which highly depends on the formats and other factors. This price is worth investing in when it comes to investing in virtual platforms. You can also take subscriptions with the various other users and even in a partnership or more than that.

Supported Technical Details

These apps behold various supported technical assurance where it is important that who does it support the maximum.

Device Support
It supports the various devices which we use in our frequent usage.

  1. Linux
  2. Windows
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Mac version
  6. Web page
  7. Windows mobile phone

Language Support
It supports the English language. 

Pricing Terms
You can pay on the monthly as well as quote-based charges. For the better version and embedding side beauty to your salon and your Salon Directory App, you need to register your brand on this by providing a platform to the next level and searching it for the right and targeted audience.