How to Develop a Salon App like StyleSeat

Salon App is one type of On-Demand App that has its own reputation and how we all know that this type of application become a part of people’s everyday routine life. We all know why is it increasing its demand. Because beauty booking services from the app like Styleseat is something trendy as well as popular amongst the youth. We all tend to have a busy schedule, it is obvious that we all need everything within a tap from a mobile phone. On-demand apps have become our thing. We can easily approach services within minimal time that help to saves time. We all know how it is beneficial to the customers and users. Do we know how is it important and beneficial to salon owners to invest in a Salon Booking App like Styleseat App? Well, this blog is about how to develop an effective app as well as how is it beneficial to business owners?

About Salon App

If we talk about the beauty Salon App in the market it is highly developed and it almost earns 4.3 trillion dollars revenue out of everything from the people. From this, we can state that beauty services are not just a symbol of luxury but have become a necessity amongst us. It has become important to attain and approach beauty and health centers. So think people, there is a huge scope of developing App such as Styleseat and start your beauty business if you haven’t. People thrive to book their services to buy stylists, nail artists, massage and spa services, and all other beauty services.

Well, there are various benefits of being a business owner of this spectacular app. It is most popular amongst smartphone users where the ratio comes around 5 million people using smartphones approach on-demand apps in no time.

There are two sides of any on-demand app, 1. Client Application 2. Business Owner Application. There are different types of panels of these apps that help user and business owners to manage their own aspects.

Client / User’s Panel

Sign Up

Register yourself as a customer is the first step after visit the site or app. A client or a user just have to fill up some details and then ready to use the app.

Mobile Catalog

When a user is onboard on an app, all they will do a search for the best services provided by a salon. It will go through the uploaded catalogue. Which is easy for you to showcase your service.

Mobile Appointment Bookings

Salon appointments made by Mobile is a super cool thing. User doesn’t have to wait for their turn just book their salon seat at their suitable time from any digital device, anywhere, anytime.


App gallery is provided for the client so that they can see the work of the service providers and then book it accordingly. They can see the outcome of the particular service provided by the pictures.

You can add your photos and videos of your process of any treatment you are providing and giving to the people. This can help other people to have a reference for approaching you. Beauty treatments are something which people need a high level of trust to appoint you and thus it needs some outcome showing the effect of how and what type of treatments are carried out by you. Pictures and videos you upload ultimately help them.

Salon Details

Salon details mean provide all the information related to your salon’s beauty service like what type of service it is? & name and time of beauty service. It gives a brief introduction to the users and knows what is take the appropriate service or not.

Loyalty Pass And Rewards

There are various benefits given to the people for approaching the services frequently. As a reward, they are benefitted from the loyalty pass and rewards which is a motivation for them and a gesture by business owners.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best and foremost way of marketing. It gives users information related to further updates, cancellation, final booking, and many more. Also, it is the best way for people to get engaged to stay in touch. It is one of the nicest strategies to apply for marketing.

Favourite List

There will be a separate section for the user to add their favourite list where they can add their most frequent services or in future services to be taken, they can just add it in favourites. This helps in short-list the category of services they want to approach.

In-app Payment

Clients can directly pay from the app by their beneficiary linked accounts in the app itself. It will be an easy mode of payment where one does not have to do any long typical process. It will easy for clients as well as for the business owners to accept the payment.


Ratings are the most important thing in the virtual platform where one sees the ratings before approaching your services. Rating is in the form of feedbacks which will be pretty visual to other people. This helps in boosting business as well.

Salon Owner’s Panel

Sign Up

Enrol as a business owner in the salon app and start the digital journey of your salon.

Booking Calendar

It helps in the form of appointment booking and other reminders if put up for some important and priority thing. It makes your job an easy process and thus it makes you look organized and perfect. The calendar makes it easy to use and helps you not forgetting priorities that you have to look forward to.

Maintaining Gallery

Maintaining the gallery is all about posting videos and photos of the work you carry forward. This helps people in having reference to your work and you can easily showcase your service to them.

There are other various features in the owner’s panel where one can guide themselves by tracking the service provider.

  1. Maintaining the price list and uploading it for clients to have a reference.
  2. Showcasing good feedbacks so that people focus on that and carry on with service.
  3. Can declare the special offers and packages to your valuable clients and it is needed to be updated as they can stick to you for the various cases.
  4. There are various other features that can develop the business of yours and thus it can boost up to the best marketing and revenue collection out of your business.


Pricings for the alternative Styleseat apps play a crucial role for business owners to develop and take a hike in their business which increases the value of the market ultimately.

This Styleseat app is worth the pay where you can get various outcomes from your services and not only that but it also provides you with an easy way to manage everything. The prices almost start with the $10000 where one can have the basic affirm it for completing the app. This is not just a price, but also a lifetime investment in your business. It gives a different level of promotion to develop your business.  

As a popular Mobile App Development Company thirstyDevs is one such right palace for you to rely upon your business and market. It gives you the best-developed application where you can see your vision getting to you. It is something that every category of people; start-up business, dapper, and a well-set business can join this platform to build theirs. It is one of the greatest opportunities to grab on it.