Covid Impact on Mobile App Development Companies

Anything that comes to the business right now is affected by Covid, since the second wave of Covid cases in India, we have been there in the difficult times of it. The changed behavior of consumers due to fear of bringing something in from out, the lockdown made the greater impact while shutting down a business, also taking a while in rising. 

Meanwhile, digitization has boomed its business and shown a new wave of business globally. Every business-developed or startup, is focusing on catering themselves by ruling on the dominant market in recent times. 

If we imagine our lifestyle without on-demand mobile apps, it would have been difficult for us to fulfill the needs as well as for the business owners to raise their revenue. The booming of the app development companies shows us the real development in the industries along with ongoing mobile apps in the market. 

In this blog, we shall further discuss the various topics that say about Covid-19 impacting the business of the mobile app development companies. 

The Impact Of The Covid-19 On The Major Business Of The Online Market

When it comes to the targeting of the targeted audiences for business, it should be well defined by business owners to get their hands on the experimenting things and they can come to know their targeted audiences. By this, one can easily acquire the audiences’ dominating field that allows ruling your business in the market. Let us understand which market was ruling dominantly in the market. 

Food and Beverage Industry 

The local food industry was shut as there was a lesser chance of people getting out of their house and visiting the restaurants, grocery shops and everything online. During the hit of the pandemic, the companies like Walmart Grocery have almost seen the 120% to 281% of the raise in downloading the mobile application. This clearly states that people easily got their grocery things right sitting at their homes. The preference for buying and shopping of things always stayed online. 

Not only the grocery market but on-demand food delivery was bombed upto double the percent of the approaching. This impacted the importance of food delivery services like Uber. A ratio shows and stats the fine ratio of people downloading applications and people approaching through applications.  

Tours and travel industry 

Due to the spread of the deadly viruses, there was a big prohibition in the tours and travel. There were no transportation companies that were allowed to move from one place to another. The countries were completely shut. Along with the tours and travels, there were many tourist places of the countries that were affected as their main income was from travelers that visited. Along with that also airlines, travel agencies, hotel businesses were affected. Some statistics show the difference in the ratio in downloading mobile applications during and after the lockdown and decrease in the covid cases. 

In the United States, from February to March 2020 there were lesser downloading of the mobile application of the travel agencies, airlines, and anything related to tours than comparing the same application downloading in the month after the ending of February, it peaked from 70,000 to 86,450, this ratio was taken when the cases were dropped down in the U.S. Eventually the ratio started increasing as the cases were decreased and ultimately it peaked during the March. 

This shows the real impact of Covid on the tours and travel business.  

Workplace chats and video calling 

The workplaces were shut and thus, the work from home started to begin globally. It was an important task to communicate with each other during these tough times. There were booming and developing of such specialized formal chats and video calling applications that were used for work like Zoom Meetings and more. 

According to the stats of China’s technology industry, it has grown tremendously. We all now have known the value of such mobile apps that are created in such short notice for us so that there is nothing wrong in carrying forward with the work. 

The graph clearly states the demand for the application that was developed from China for the work and communication basis. The Tencent company for daily users was almost around 10,000. China had zero confirmed cases where there were continuous conferences in Tencent. The purpose and reason for this graph and statistics are to allow the app development companies, freelancers, and other online and social media influencers to carry forward their work even in the pandemic with these developed mobile applications. 

For instance, we can conclude that in this pandemic, how much it is beneficial for a business startup to invest in such an application. Mobile applications like On-demand online grocery mobile app, food delivery app, work chat apps, etc. in the online and technology market keeping in mind the current situation of the Pandemic where social distance and protocols are followed. 

So, on the other hand, we can also conclude that investing in the travel application and on such similar applications is completely a waste of time and money on investing in such applications. 

Types Of Apps That Are Used During Covid-19 Pandemic

E-commerce app

The shopping of e-commerce apps like Amazon, Flipkart, and other grocery apps was found to be in most demand as it was a huge risk for the people to get out of their house and take the risks of getting infected. Online shopping is the best option for the consumers to adapt to the viability of the demanded things that is an important task. Even half of the offline shops went online so that they can provide you with products that can work in both ways.

Social media

Social media like Instagram have kept people engrossed in the activities and new trends that are going viral. Social media is one of the greatest media for sharing out crucial messages, awareness, and a lot more genuine content over social media. Many people are sharing positivity and letting the world set in the positivity in these crucial times too. 

Health care and consulting app

The health care and consulting application played a crucial role. There was a high rush in the hospitals where there was a high risk going to the hospitals. The Covid cases were declared to be one of the major epidemics spreading and non-covid patients were affected too by visiting doctors. Doctors needed to stay connected with the patients virtually. The virtual consulting increased and it was marked safer. The unnecessary rush was decreased and hence the online consulting was very much helpful and needed. 

Graph ratio of the online health consulting application.

Online educational app 

The schools and colleges were shut in these critical times, which led to a great loss in the education institutes and with the learning process of the students. Technology did not make it stop, it helped in the going with the flow considering the education. There were various e-learning applications developed for continuing the learning process so that no objections can stop the learning process. 

Food delivery app 

The on-demand food delivery application has helped a lot in continuing the food business by reaching out to the customers with the great advancements in the features of the application where customers can easily order food and it shall be reached out to them in no time. It was much safer to order right staying at home than being out in the city. The pandemic has to lead to a great loss considering the food business. The on-demand food delivery application helped a lot this time with easy ordering and easy delivery from restaurants. 


Seeing these ratios of the application that were mostly used during the pandemic by customers and users. Concluding it by investing in the application where it can be used by users in order to full fill their demands and needs through the application.