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“We might go through some of the other questionaries and queries in the mind before we invest in any business. Let’s clear some major questions that are important to clear out”.
Generate the revenue from cliche offline online business and be the one out of all. 

When it comes to the online business, there are chances that people might have several questions to ask out or some do not even ask the reason why and how these online startups can start? The reason behind this is people somewhere have a bad impression about the online businesses that it might cost so many dollars and also the big investment. So mostly people drop the idea of investing it on online and virtual platforms. Get a clear idea of conducting the business online with all the questions you have in mind. Get a clear aspect with the thirstyDevs. 

On-demand Food Delivery Application is one of the most demanding applications out of all where one can invest blindfolded. The caring forward of business and thinking of expanding it have no other better option than expanding it through the online businesses and also expanding it to the online leap of the digital world. Make your better place in the digital marketing world where one expands the better solutions in terms of revenues and more. The on-demand food delivery application has the various expected revenue-generating income that it turns out like the next level phase in the business. Before starting up with the online business, as business owners, we all have few questions that arise in mind, and we are here to make it all clear. 

Food delivery affecting the online business in the pandemic scenario. 

We all know this pandemic has affected the scenario of the rise in the business and also the situation in the food industry that has taken place in the pandemic. The pandemic had made the imbalance in the algorithm of the revenue generation as the scope of having the outside food was a challenge amongst people. People didn’t want any risk and so the ordering of food was stuck and ultimately the online food delivery industry was stuck as it is. It affected a lot thought the companies like Zomatio and Swiggy tried to be with people by push notification and emails. The statistics of the pandemic have changed in ratio wise and thus it impacts the whole chain. The chain starts from the restaurants to the delivery person. The whole chain is affected by the revenue generation of the restaurant owners, service person (delivery boy), etc. It took a long time after during the Covid-19 as it needed some trust to gain regarding the hygiene of the outside food.

There might arise a lot of questions after this situation like the validity of the investment that takes place in developing the whole business online. 

Q1. How front-end and back-end users of online food deliveries are benefited?


The front-end and back end users are in a way benefited as the revenue generated from both sides has its benefits that depend on the interaction of the people on the application. The front end is a developed Mobile Application that is developed for the usage of the users for its services. The services that are availed by the users will be the front end part where benefits in the sense of services and some valuable pack discounts will be availed from. The back end users have the wide opportunity of growing and expanding the business the way they want via online platforms. The expenditure of that rises around the total interaction on the front-end part of the application. We all know the ratio of smartphone users across the world and also online interaction of the on-demand application rises accordingly as it becomes more favorable for the people to follow the online procedure and also the systematic procedure to carry forward the process of record of ordering the food and more. The statistical view of the front-end and back-end goes in line with the same on the go on the same track. The boost up in the business shows the real image of the business that has been carried forward through the online food delivery business. 

The front end has the availability of a three-panel application is presented to the different roles. The application consists of three panels that are mentioned in the following sections;

  • Admin Mobile Application Panel

    The admin panel describes the role of the admin that covers the whole adaptability of the application and also the access to the application regarding the addition and removal of the users that are needed to from the application. The super admin generates the revenue from the business owners that are registering in the Application. It will be a fully commission-based interaction that will be conducted with every registration that has been registered around. 

  • Business owner panel

    The business owners can register themselves under this application and they can expand their business virtually over many online platforms. The online platform like the On-Demand Mobile Application like Zomato and Swiggy. The restaurants that are available in the city can register themselves under the name of the Application and can expand their revenues remotely. The remotely targeted audiences will have an opportunity that grows for ordering it all online. 

  • User panel

    The user panel is front-end users of the Mobile Application. The ready-to-install mobile application will be all ready to be used by the users for the services that will be provided by the application. 

Q2. How is the backend functionally managed in the On-demand Food delivery Application?


The backend is purely the management of the application that is used by the users. The users that see the pure joy in using the application are managed by the backend system properly. The backend is all about managing the whole functionality of the running application. 

The backend management system includes the management in the terms of the owners that are recorded responsible for owning the restaurants and the food outlets. There may be many restaurants that own multiple restaurants which are indeed recorded in the application itself. 

  • Single restaurant owners.

    The single restaurant owners that own only single restaurants that manage the single way of orders, delivery responsibilities, and place. The place that delivery will be placed will be from the single restaurant itself that the owner owns. There will be one way of ordering and the deliveries that will take place in the system. 

  • Multiple restaurant owners.

    Multiple restaurant owners need a strong management system of managing multiple restaurants along with the deliveries and orders. The orders that are carried forward with the change in the food outlets of the same restaurants will be recorded and managed from the application itself. Users will have options regarding the convenience of the address that users need to choose. The restaurants will have an option in the form of drop-down addresses that will come forward to the users for choosing it. The orders, takeaways, and the delivery responsibility will be mentioned and recorded in the application itself. This becomes an easy task to manage and also for keeping the records.


  • Managing sales and staff.

    Online business is not as easy as it seems. The responsibilities go with the multiple people owning the roles in carrying forward the services that become a successful process that is carried forward. The management of the sales and staff for the various roles and work will also be managed in the application itself. The sales depend on the interaction of the people in the app for the services that are taken place.  The interaction brings the maximum sales and also the best earnings within the app itself. 

Q.3 What is the cost of developing and investing in the Online Food Delivery application? 


When it comes to the online investing market there are a lot of things to be taken care of. The money you are going to invest in and what if the business does not work according to the invested worth money that has been planted in the business. These types of questions come when you are going to start your startup business in the online and virtual field is something that is very much obvious. The investment you contemplate in the business should be more amount that you might be earning in return once you start. So there will be always two questions in mind.

1. Will this business be worth investing this much amount of money?
2. Will this business give the appropriate amount of revenue in return?

These are some of the two obvious questions that arise in the mind. The honest surveys and the reviews say that the cost totally depends on the place and the company you are going to get developed from. The places and the development roots depend on the piercings that they are going to charge you otherwise. The developed countries and the states will always charge more for the development of such applications. The applications that are developed in countries like India will comparatively have a cheaper price than an application developed in the USA. Similarly, when withing India if an application is developed in the states like Banglore or Maharashtra, the prices will be higher than any other states. Thus choose the company according to their work and not the place. The amount will vary in different places, just make sure that it is worth the spending and investing the quality of the work they reflect you in return. The costings should be definitely invested in the online businesses but things that need to be taken in mind are;

  1. Quality of the work in developing Mobile applications.
  2. Clear, neat drafted codes of the applications. 
  3. Perfectly drafted visualized UI/UX designs.
  4. Avoid unnecessary overcharging of the development of the applications. 
  5. A bug-free developed application with the proper functioning of each feature and the concept. 

The technologies that are used by the thiorstyDevs for developing the application totally depend on the types of application that is a hybrid mobile application or it is a native mobile application. The platforms for the Hybrid Application need to be developed in the best platforms as it has codes that are drafted for the various multiple platforms. The Mobile developing platforms like ios and android, the Hybrid Mobile Application are used for it. The developing platforms like Ionic, Flutter, React Native, and other cross-platforms best for developing Hybrid Mobile Application. 

These are some of the main five things that should be taken in mind before you invest in the online application. For these things that need to be taken care of, you are the right place where you can get the perfectly drafted application for your business. thirstyDevs have got your back covered for your business. Give your business wings with thirstyDevs and boost up by ruling like a king in the online businesses.