How to Create a Video Chat App? Features, Monetization, and Technologies

Why The Video Chat App?

Today connecting to the world from any corner has become very easy and essential too. You cannot every time go and visit your friends or relatives, you can easily now video chat and can talk to them easily. Video Chat App amongst people has become one of the necessities as it is an on-go feature to use it. Any sector of people can use it from anywhere and complete their work. Video chat has some necessities from which your app can be profound for some particular basic features.

About Video Chat App

Studies show that the video chat app market is in the increasing lines of the graphs were over almost reached $6.65 billion by the year 2025. This forecast is just the average according to the use of the video chat app used by people. Video chat feature or app has made our lives easy and bit manageable for the one who stays apart and across the countries as well as it is used as the best source during the pandemic where you can finish it off all your work through the video chat.

Incase if you invest in the video chat apps, it is going to be worth it as maximum people are going to use it as per their requirement. There is various video chat app developed in the market such as google duo, WhatsApp video chat, messenger video chat, etc. and are unique in their ways. It is important to stay unique and to provide some unique features so people can easily differentiate the feature difference and your app will be renowned by that particular feature.

To upgrade and stand with the world, it is important to upgrade ourselves in terms of a digitally developed platform where you provide the best facilities and ultimately make lives easier. A special app for only video chat has higher scopes of having good quality for video chat experience. When you start using the video chat app frequently, it will be an easy task to everyday use it as it is even easy to use on an everyday basis.

Steps To Build A Video Chat App

Need Back-End Development

Before you start making an app, you must have all the developed structure ready with you and start making it gradually. This will give you a preview before making an app and putting it into action.

Ui/Ux In-House Designer

You need a marvelous designer who is expertise in the field of making UI/UX designs for mobile apps so that it is presented the best way in front of users. Designs are the most attractive part of any mobile app to create and this is the responsibility of designers who creates their magic. It is important to have the best designers to make an app an extraordinary piece.

Availability Of Socket Integration

Socket integration is one of the important parts before developing an app. It helps in connecting with socket users’ clients and so on.

Messages And Video Chat Availability

Not only video chats should be available in the app but it should be a summation of every mode of conversation where people do not have to look for other options for the conversations. Messages, sharing the screen all should be available all in one app. It makes an easy process for the people to overcome every conversational mode in one app.

Testing Process

The testing process during and after completion of the app is an important task as it has to run various times if it is working properly or not. The testing process should frequently be carried out to test as well as to solve any errors if any.

Video Chat Needs

  1. There are only basic things that a video chat will need to accomplish its best quality which is most important for more people to get attracted.
  2. It is important to robust some of the privacy features so that people have a smooth journey to behold with the video chat app.
  3. Should be able to share the personal photo screen with other people during video chat. If there is anything important to share during the video chat one can easily share the slide and the opposite person can easily view what it tries to explain. It becomes a way too easy process for the video chat explanations if required.
  4. A video chat app should support maximum language so that people from any part of the world can get connected to it and use your app for their requirements.
  5. You can easily send the invitation to your friends or relatives to join this video chat app where you can frequently get connected.
  6. Video chat app should support every developing platform that is ios, android, mac, or windows. People running any programming platform should be able to use and should not restrict any program.

Team Building Effort

The team is one of the best bonds when it comes to working on any project, it works best when it has the best coordination and accumulation of the best teams together. For developing an app for video chat you will require some of the best team members to work on it throughout. You will need some;

  1. Business strategist
  2. UI/UX designers for the best display and the look of a video chat app which also explains the mobile phone navigation menu and its examples
  3. Android and ios developers for working on the app on both the development platforms.
  4. Testers a crucial team member for testing developed apps after the completion or during the making of an app. It will be better for the app developers to keep up an easy process in incase of any bugs or errors occurring.

Executing App Development

When you are planning to execute the whole planned app development, it must go systematically. Certain things should be taken care of while developing an app.

  1. Product backlogging
  2. Sprint meet planning
  3. Daily meeting with the teammates to resolve the errors in projects and to track the project where it has reached it. At last, you can also review it to avoid the error in the future.

While developing an app it is important that everything goes perfectly with zero error and should also make sure that it has no errors even after apps are made.


As we know various features are coming by when going through some random video chat app which is beneficial to us.

  1. Immediate call alerts when someone is calling.
  2. The availability of group calls can connect to more than one person during a video call.
  3. Screen sharing for informative information to be shared.
  4. Video recording for sharing or for reference for later.
  5. A switching option is available between the audio calls and video calls.
  6. A mute and unmute option for the audio is available during a video call.
  7. Block and unblock option in case of inconvenience by any person.
  8. Group messages at one go.
  9. The assured quality of HD video quality.

These are some of the options where we can carry out the best video chat quality as well as experience.


Before developing an app it must-have monetization value. Video chat apps are never going to be paid, it is always going to be free and the business owners of the video chat app need to earn and monetize their app in a certain way. There are different ways in which business owners can monetize your app.

  • Advertisements
    Advertisements are not the primary way to be put up but we can do this. It will be easier if it is put up in between the video streaming apps as they can be advertised in between the video running but during the video chat, the company can put up after or before starting up the video chat. This can be annoying and irritating too, make sure that it is not overused when approached by the users.
  • Premium Plan
    You might be in a little shock that video chat apps do not have any paid settlements for using it but we believe in to give some limitations during free video calls. If they pay for the premium plan, they get some of the unique features to entertain.
  • Paid Stickers
    Emoticons are playing a major role during the conversation. It is most likely to be used during any conversation and like by the maximum of the youth. Developing some of the unique stickers with the charges will help in raising the revenues for the app.

Video chat is supposed to be the free video chat app for the people but some of these minor changes won’t harm anyone. By this business owners can also build up some of the revenues.

Technologies Used For Making A Video Chat App

There are various technologies supporting video chat features these days and not only that but also unique separate video chat apps are developed. During the making of the video chat app, there are some of the technologies used by the thirstyDevs and they are;

  • Cell phones and tabs: Kotlin and Swift are used for the android and ios respectively.
  • Facebook is given authorization for usage.
  • Google cast is used for television streaming activity.
  • Youbora is used for the analytics of video

Such technologies are great helping hands when it comes to the making of the video chat app.


These were some of the features, monetization, and technology when any video chat is made. All a user demands in a video chat is the quality and the incredible how it is working and throughout. It will be created nicely when you approach thirstyDevs. Such applications make wonders when it comes to businesses. You can be one of the renowned companies running online businesses via launching applications and much more. One of the good things is that any start-up, as well as an existing business, can run their business on virtual platforms and there is no harm in it.