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When you are thinking about building a website - you will have two options to choose from: whether to develop a website from scratch or to use clone scripts. Website clone script is a concept that can save your time and resources as well. Many entrepreneurs are considering website cloning as a better option rather than going through lengthier website development process.

Website cloning is getting more famous in today’s modern internet technology. Website cloning comes with lots of advantages. To keep up with cut-throat competition, it’s very essential to find website strategies which are effective and affordable as well. This is where website cloning becomes very useful. But first, you might be wondering – what in the world website cloning is about? What does it mean to copy a website? We have the answer of your questions.

Website cloning denotes to the copying or alteration of an existing website design or script to create a new website. In simple words, website cloning is the process of copying a website entirely and creating an identical yet separate version of it. It is about copying a concept of the website. It is not about copying the code of the pre-existing website. Clone script is not actually a real clone. It is a replica of an existing site with only a few modifications. The clone scripts give an opportunity to new online entrepreneurs to develop their website without the need to start from scratch.

Many website cloning companies offer their services to clients to develop a clone website at the lower cost. Still, there are very few companies in the web industry that offer quality services to their clients and fulfill their requirements. After copying an existing script, a developer makes appropriate modifications for functionality on a new website. Website cloning requires effective technical skills and commitment to create excellence. Because website cloning is much more than a copy.

 Is website cloning legal?

Yes, website cloning is legal. If developers breach any intellectual property (IP) laws, copyright, patents and trademark laws then only website cloning becomes illegal. Moreover, developers must have a disclaimer stating that the owner has not copied any part of pre-existing code while developing the clone website. If you are buying a clone script from a vendor or online platform, then your vendor should make this clear to you in advance. Moreover, the technology getting utilized in website cloning should be safe. Successful website clones are the one which consists of new features and functionalities. We would definitely suggest that do not just copy-paste the design, features, and functionalities of the website. Quality of the website content and including new features also matter a lot. At least, your website should be offering some unique features that existing website does not offer. That is why choose the web development company which provides reputable services.

Key benefits of choosing a website clone script

- Readymade clone scripts cost less compared to starting a website development from scratch. By using clone scripts, you can save resources as well as money.

- Developing a website from scratch requires putting lots of efforts. It requires planning, research, design, testing, strategy development etc. website cloning eliminates the need to focus on these factors. Because the pre-existing website has already gone through all mentioned aspects. So fewer efforts are required.

- Website clone scripts reduce the development time because you don’t have to go through the complete software development lifecycle which can take several months or even years. Website clone scripts help to save your valuable time and launch the website quickly.

- Usually, popular websites are cloned which are already established in the market. Therefore, the chances of your business popularity also get increased. It can lead you to quick branding visibility in the market.

- In this era of cut-throat competition, using website cloning scripts option can save your time and you can start your business easily and immediately.

- You don’t need to develop new marketing strategies as you can follow the footsteps of the successful website you have selected. You will be able to leverage the benefits of the chosen website.

- If you choose a website already having higher web page ranking then you will be able to enhance your web presence in a small time frame. So choose a successful website. This way you will be able to gain direct benefits of popular websites.

- Website cloning creates an opportunity to make the website better in terms of design, content.

Disadvantages of choosing a website clone script

- Copying everything from the website will not give you any advantage. Your design UI & UX should be customized. Designers should replace content and graphics from the existing website with new design and information. Otherwise, it will become difficult to differentiate your website from competitors. If your UI & UX is different then you will not have copyright issue in future.

- Don’t hire freelancers or developer team having less expertise in website cloning. Because it will not be beneficial for your business in the long run. Suppose if you are planning to get multiple business verticals integrated with your website, then you should definitely consider hiring reputable expert Web Development Company. As reputable web development companies offer after services. Developer team will assist you to resolve issues so that website will be online without any glitches so far.

- The clone script - your developer is working on should be legitimate and original. Website clone script should not be consisting any IP conflicts.

- Your content of the website should be original too. There should not be a violation of intellectual property and patent law while utilizing clone script.

- Merging two different clone scripts developed by two different website clone developer is not possible.

- Cloning packages come up with specific services. If you decide to add more features to the website which will require customization then website cloning cost may increases. Sometimes customization can become pretty expensive.

There are many popular websites that newbies usually tends to clone to jump-start their business such as – Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Flipkart, Kickstarter, Freelancer and many food ordering websites. Website cloning is becoming popular concepts among entrepreneurs. You will be surprised to know that Facebook application was inspired by, Friendster, and many other social networking networks. There are many successful business models that you can imitate.

If your requirement is - website development completion in short duration along with affordable price then website cloning can be a good option for your business. But make sure you choose the right web development company which can fulfill all your expectations. Some of the popular website development companies provide coding services. They also add unique features to clone website in order to provide a unique experience to users. Usually, popular e-commerce websites, online booking websites and social media platforms get cloned by the developers and entrepreneurs.

There are many online platforms available which provide clone scripts of popular websites such as, mintTM,, Agriya, and inoutscripts etc. All these platforms provide readymade clone scripts. So you don’t need to make any kind of changes in coding which results in saving your time and money. If you want to develop a website which is familiar and popular among users then website cloning will be a good idea.

Website clone is the perfect solution for startups.

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