Mobile Website vs Mobile Application - Which is better strategy?

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A mobile website is a browser-based way to access content. On the other hand, mobile applications are downloaded and installed on user’s device. You might be wondering which is best? Read on!

As a business owner, you must be in a dilemma whether you should build a Mobile Application or Mobile Website? Should you dive in building impressive mobile application or you should focus on optimizing your mobile website in the best possible manner? Let’s take a closer look at strengths and weaknesses of mobile application and mobile website.

If you haven’t started thinking about mobile strategies for your business then it’s high time to think about it. According to statista, mobile users are increasing like earth’s population. In 2017, mobile phone users’ statistics reached to 4.77 billion people. In 2019, the number of mobile phone users of the world is expected to reach 5 billion people. That is a huge amount of people, right?

One drastic change world is experiencing is about desktop usage and mobile usage. 1 in every 5 people has a smartphone. 1 in every 17 people has a tablet. Google also reported that more searches were made in smartphones or tablet rather than desktop. One fact that every business owner and CEO needs to consider that they must choose the best solution for their business – whether it’s mobile website or mobile application. They need to rethink their mobile strategies. Let’s dig little deeper into the difference between mobile website and mobile application:

What is the difference between mobile website and mobile application?

Theoretically, Mobile Website is not a separate website. It is simply designed in a responsive manner for smaller displays like mobile and smartphones. It consists of browser-based HTML pages that are linked together. Mobile Application on the other end is an application that is downloaded and installed on user’s mobile or tablet device.

Which is the best choice - mobile website or mobile application?

Whether to choose mobile website or mobile application – is depended upon your end goal. What do you want to achieve from mobile strategy? If you are thinking about making mobile-friendly content then mobile website will be the best suitable choice for you. If you have any specific purpose to reach your end users then only you should consider making mobile application. To conclude while making the right choice focus on three aspects - goal, audience and most essential - your budget.

Let’s compare pros and cons of mobile Application and mobile Website:


                                         Mobile Website

                                              Mobile Application


 Mobile Website requires less investment rather than application. Mobile Website   is inexpensive.

 Mobile Application requires more investment of money as well as resources. Mobile Application   is expensive.


 In Mobile Website, updates are required. Updates are easy to maintain as mobile website   is flexible while updating new content.

 If developer updates any feature then users have to re-install mobile application to experience   benefits of a new update.


 Mobile Website is easily accessible across all platform. Search engine immediately shows   mobile website you searched for.

 Mobile Application is not accessible on a search engine. To utilize application you will need to   download an application and install it on your device.


 If your mobile website is poorly designed then it will be very slow to load.

 Mobile Application runs quickly and it does not take much time to load content.


 Mobile Websites are made for desktop use so it may not work as fast as mobile   application unless it is designed brilliantly.

 Mobile Applications are specially made for mobile. So it’s easy to access and work smoother and   faster in mobile.


 Mobile Website setup is easy. It is visible to any user who searches it on a search engine.

 Once you have created mobile application – you have to submit your application in a respected app   store. Then only it will be visible to users.


 When it comes down to accessing the content of Mobile Website; offline access is not   possible.

 Some mobile applications does not require an internet connection. The content of the application is   also available offline.


 If your Mobile Website is poorly designed and it’s cluttered with ads then your website will   not be able to give a better experience to users.

 Mobile Application is less cluttered in comparison to Mobile Website.


 Mobile Website easily gets displayed on various search engines.

 Mobile Applications are only visible on respective app store If a developer has submitted an   application in an app store.


 Users can easily share URL links of mobile website.

 Mobile Application can’t be shared easily.


 Mobile websites are always available for users.

 If your app is not useful and unique then according to research it will get deleted within 30 days.

Broader reach

 Mobile websites are compatible with various types of devices and platforms.

 Mobile Application requires separate version for each operating system and devices.

User experience

 You can’t see all content of mobile websites at once. You can’t access all pages at same   time.

 Mobile Application provides the better user experience. Mobile application is fast when it comes to   loading all content in mobile application.

Support and maintenance

 Support and maintenance of mobile website is easier and requires less effort.

 To maintain mobile application takes much time and money. For every type of device and platform   issues will be different. Solutions will be different too.


Amazon has more application revenue instead of mobile website. You should ask a question to yourself: “Is my product or service worth it so that people would like to see my company's icon on their home screen?” For many companies website and application, both are useful tools. For example an online shopping store.

Bottom line

After comparing all pros and cons of mobile website and mobile application you need to choose the right solution for your business. The right decision depends upon your business requirement, your target market, your mobile strategies and most importantly your budget. In the end, when it comes down to mobile it’s not about choosing between website and application; it’s about providing a better experience to your customers.

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