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Are you in search of a job in web industry? Are you confused about the major difference between front-end & back-end development? Here are some of the basic guidelines to help to tell the difference between front-end developers & back-end developers.

The web industry is most booming market nowadays. A website is now becoming a key component for any business to keep up with the competition. You are on the right path if you have decided to make your career in the web industry. In case, if you have started learning about web development then you might have heard two terms: Front-end developers & Back-end developers. Often people get confused to know the difference between front-end developers and back-end developers. Both front-end & back-end developer play a vital part in web development. Suppose you are confused about front-end and back-end development terminology then don’t worry. We are here at your rescue.

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Before understanding the difference let’s start with basics of front-end development. Who are front-end developers? What do they do? How are they different from the back-end developers? The answer is pretty simple.

What users see and experience on a webpage is a magic of front-end developers. Front-end developers are less about coding and more about how a user will interpret the interface into an experience. Front-end developers are responsible for look and feel of the website. Everything that you see on the internet starting with fonts, colors, drop-down menus, and sliders is creation of front-end developers. Front-end developers basically focus on designing part of a website or an application. They work on a design, typography, layouts, grid system, and color theory. They work on a front part of a website for seamless user experience.

Front-end developers are also called web designers. If you are thinking about becoming front-end developer then you need to learn languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery. HTML is the main element of a web. Because HTML is a language that web browser understands to display information to users. Like a guitarist needs his basic instrument guitar - a developer must have his basic instrument or say language that is HTML.

Just like HTML, CSS is also a must learn language. CSS provides text, colors, paint, glitter, templates, glitter, buttons, tassel, and light to improve the presentation of webpage. CSS has the ability to specify how specific part of a web page looks.

Apart from HTML & CSS, JavaScript is most commonly used programming language. Gmail and google map are the best examples of Javascript language. In Javascript, popular frameworks like AngularJS, EmberJS and ReactJS are used.

Front-end developers are creative. Let me give you a simple example of their creativity. If you open any webpage - you might come across graphic, photographs, and content assembled in just one webpage. Front-end developers assemble everything starting from logo and graphics, photographs, and content.   

So if you have finalized to become front-end developer then let’s have a look in revenue part of front-end development. Front-end developers get less salary compare to back-end developers. Because front-end developers will not interact with database and server part which is the tough one.

After knowing all about front-end development, you might have a question - what back-end developer does? For example, if you want to buy flight tickets then you will go to webpage. The webpage you see is an art of front-end. After that you will fill in required information in website. Website will store that database on a server. This is an art of back-end developers.

Back-end developers always work behind the scene. They write codes. The back-end usually consists of three parts: database, server and application. Back-end developers are responsible for calculations, business logic, database interactions, and performance of website. To become back-end developer you have to learn languages like Ruby, Python, PHP, Ruby on rails and .net.  Back-end developers are also known as web developers or programmers.

                                                              “Front-end developers focus how website looks, back-end developers focus on how  website works.”

Back-end developers write codes and those codes communicate the database information to the browser. For example: if a website or an application is running slow, keeps on crashing or keeps on having errors then it’s a part of back-end developers to solve queries. They are responsible for speed and responsiveness of a website or an application. Back-end developers require knowledge of programming language, database and server architecture. Therefore, they are paid well in comparison to front-end developers.

If you are thinking about jumping into the coding world then you will need to consider learning languages like Ruby, Python, and SQL. Python is more popular to build a web application. SQL is database query language. SQL is a part of every back-end web application.

                                                               “Back-end developers build the house and front-end developers are interior designers of the house.”

Though people often get confused in front-end & back-end. One truth that needs to be considered that web design & web development are two different parts. We hope that now you have acquired clarity on the difference between front-end & back-end development. People who can work in both part – design and development are called full stack developers. According to one research, employment in the web industry is increasing day by day. During 2014 to 2024 maximum opportunities will be generated in the web industry. So it’s good time to pursue a career in web development.

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