Android vs iOS app development

Android vs IOS

 A revolution is taking place in Mobile app development industry. It is a very good time for mobile app companies. App developers are burying themselves in the workload of mobile app development. Mobile app development companies should hire more app developers to achieve potential revenue.

According to the research of statista, in 2017 android users had more than 2.8 million apps to choose from. Along with that Apple’s app store was second largest app store with 2.2 million available apps. If we focus on revenue from app stores then Sensor Tower came up with data insights that worldwide revenue from Android and iPhones apps – estimate was of $58.6 billion in 2017. While building an application you might have a question - whether to build Android app or iOS app for your business? From which app store you can gain maximum revenue?

Android and iOS both platform are competing against each other by constantly adding new features. There are many factors that you will need to consider while deciding whether to develop an application for Android platform or iOS platform for your company or for your clients. We have come with simple comparison guide of Android and iOS to make your decision easier.




Coding Language

The most commonly used language is Java and C++

Apple used objective C language. Later on, Apple introduced their language Swift in 2014.

Development tools

In beginning Eclipse was used as a development tool. Now Android studio is considered as the best tool.

For iOS app, you can use Xcode.

Development cost

In Google play store its one-time fee of $25.

For Apple store, you have to pay $99 per year.

App acceptance           

In Google play store – app acceptance does not take longer time as an app is tested by automated tools.

Apple store takes much longer time while giving approval to your app as your app will be tested by Apple experts.

Development time

Usually, it takes longer to develop and test the app because of platform’s fragmented system.

Development time is relatively shorter.


Apps can be developed on Windows, Linux, Mac or on any other hardware.

iOS apps can be developed only on Mac.

Screen size

Mobile phones and tablets come in a variety of sizes.

iPhones and other iDevices offer limited choice.


Android’s Global platform share is larger than iOS.

iOS’s market is mainly in US and European countries.


Android app only take few hours to go live.

It may take days or weeks to go live.


Google play store does not have a large number of restriction policies.

Apple store has defined many restriction policies before your app goes live.


Many more hardware are capable of running an android app.

The iOS app will run on limited hardware which should be of Apple only.


In comparison to iOS revenue, android app revenue is less.

You can generate more profit from iOS application.


And the winner is…

There are many factors that affect while deciding the right app development option for your application. If one is lacking some features then another is fulfilling those features. While choosing the right app development option you will need to focus on your business target market and consider the resources of your business too. For some android is a winner in terms of their resources and requirements. For some iOS is a winner.

Our team does their best to keep up with time. We are constantly working in app development. If you have finalised to develop an app then we will create best iOS and Android application for you. Contact us today to make the best application for your firm.

All the best in making the right choice for app development!

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