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Are you ready to dive in the process of creating successful mobile game development? Mobile game development is not a kid’s play. Learn with us the easy process of developing a mobile game.

In this era of technology advancement, starting from a small kid to a senior citizen – has smartphone or tablet. Who does not love to play mobile games? Yes, it can be truly said that traditional snakes games are outdated now. According to Mediakix – on an average people daily spend 23 minutes on playing games in mobile. For development companies – mobile gaming is a huge market for potential revenue perspective. Global gaming market will reach over $115 billion in 2018. No wonder if you are thinking to jum in the mobile gaming industry.  

In the mobile gaming companies, there are amazing success stories like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Super Mario Run, Pokemon Duel and Flappy Bird. These games have inspired millions of developers to take initiative in the mobile gaming industry. The mobile gaming platform is becoming popular day by day. As last few years had been boon for android game developers. Now the mobile gaming is the new hot trend among developers.

So are you looking to develop a mobile game from scratch?  Then keep in mind, bringing your mobile game idea in real life is a difficult task. But don’t worry – we have made it easy for you. Mainly mobile game development process involves major three stages:

-    Creating your mobile game idea (Pre – Production)

-    Implementing your idea(Production)

-    Launching your game (Post – Production)

If you want to make your mark in mobile gaming industries then here are the simple easy steps for mobile game development process:

1 Come up with a killer game idea

The journey of the successful mobile game development process starts with a great idea. Ideation of mobile game is a crucial step for mobile game development. There are no specific steps to generate game ideas. But yes, your mobile gaming idea should be innovative and should be attracting the gamers. There are more than 2.1 billion gamers worldwide. You have a huge target market to cover. To start with finalizing your mobile game idea get clarity on following points:

-    The type of your mobile game. It can be sports game, education game, puzzle game, strategy games, racing game and so on. 

-    Focus on whether your game idea is original or is it a series based game idea?

-    Know “What” & “Why” of your mobile game idea. For example - Who are your targeted gamers? Why would a gamer get attracted to play your game?

-    While developing a game idea think about which are the elements that can be added to engage maximum players?

2 Create a story of your game

Why would any gamer play your game? Every gamer needs a story to play your game. Like Bahubali game was famous game in India as they were having a familiar storyline of the game. If you are wondering how to create a story for your game then answer following simple questions and you will be able to create your own story:

-    Who is the hero of game?

-    Who is the villain of game?

-    What are the victory parameters?

-    What kind of surprises gamers will experience while playing your game?

-    Which are the fun parts of your game?

-    What are the rewards of the game if any gamer will finish stages?

3 Concept development

The third stage of mobile game development is to develop an impressive concept of the game. Concept of a game is crucial part of game development. Developing a concept of game is all about deciding overview of game and representation of game. Focus on what are the rules and principles of your game. How your game looks and sound is a crucial part. After finalizing basics of game; start working on deciding the right platform for your game. Do enough research on what programming language is the best option for your target platform. Choose the right programming language. Mainly four platforms are widely used for mobile game - Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows. When it comes down to choosing right platform avoid Blackberry or Windows. 

4 Create game design

Creating a game design is much more complex than developing the simple application for mobile. Your game design should be unique from your competitors. If you create same design just like your competitor then success ratio will decrease drastically. When it comes to creating a game design, many factors are involved like – creating a game environment, creating textures, animation of objects and coding environment too. Game designers also focus on creating main and supporting characters as well as assets of game. In the beginning of designing, android developers will utilize prototype used in a previous game design. But if game is not functioning the way it should then developers usually change the prototype in order to improve game performance.

Note: To make your game designing easier, you should create a blueprint for game design. Blueprint contains detail description about game. This document can be created by game designers and developers. Creating blueprint will give you clear idea about steps of mobile game development.

5 Quality assurance game testing

Once the prototype of game design and prototype is ready then developers and designers move towards implementation of game. Before implementation of game “Game Testing” is a very integral stage of mobile gaming. To test a game you can hire a QA (quality assurance) & beta testers. Testing stage of mobile game development is connected with fixing bugs and solving the errors of game. If you keep on delaying quality assurance game testing then your game will be ineffective. Ineffective game will not be able to give better user experience. Game testers will play your game, find bugs and make necessary changes too. A gamer should have smooth gaming experience and performance of the game should be consistent too. Your game should perform easily and effectively in any screen size as well in different types of devices also.

6 Decide monetization strategies

Once you have designed the mobile game - focus on profit part of the game. If your game is not profitable then there is no point of creating a mobile app. Developing a mobile game is an expensive task in terms of money as well as time. That is why you will need to decide monetization strategies at the initial stage of mobile game development process. There are best three ways to monetize your game:

•    In-app purchase

This is the most common used model for mobile game monetization. "In-app" is an effective way to earn income from your players. In this kind of strategy, player can get subscription or can unlock next levels or can get game currency for advance stages. You can design these strategies according to your concept of mobile game.

•    Ad within apps

Many game companies use this strategy where ads are being displayed during game. Keep in mind if these ads on your game is irrelevant and become annoying due to frequent display, then gamer will leave. Gamers’ experience is the most integral part that you have to focus on. Therefore, make sure to choose right monetization strategy. Don't bombard your mobile game with frequent ads.

•    Premium versions

You will come across many games in which they ask for payment to play further stage or to get more benefits and rewards to increase your performance in a game. Some games provide trial and free demos. You can do the same. There are many games out there such as - Modern Combat 5, Limbo, Grand Theft Auto, Kingdom Rush, Monument Valley and many more.

7 Launch

After making all kind of changes in a mobile game – the next stage is to launch the game. At initial level, any mobile game developing team releases game for few players to test the performance. They take feedback from players whether the game is performing well or not. After performing all kind of tests - game gets uploaded in respective app stores. Finally, after going through many stages of mobile game development process - the whole team celebrate the successful journey of game development.

8 Support and maintenance

Once your mobile game is launched in the market - the next step is to maintain game’s best performance. Gamer should always have better experience while playing your game. For better experience, developers keep on updating new features in a game. After launching mobile game – the real game starts. Once developers have made the best possible game; they start brainstorming about making the existing app more effective. Mobile game development company should keep on updating game every two to four weeks. They can introduce new features, stages or offers. Gamer should have new features, new stages, new rewards and new surprises in gaming experience. This way gamers will develop the habit of playing your game only rather than any other games.

If you are having a world class mobile game idea and you want to start executing your idea then we here at Thirsty Devs; provide the best mobile game development services as well. Feel free to contact us.

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