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HTML is a language for programmers to create web pages. CSS is a simple design language of a document written in HTML. The basic difference between HTML & CSS will give you a clear idea about both languages.

If you are thinking about building a website then you might have come across two terms: HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are web scripting language. The primary use of HTML and CSS language is to create web pages and web application. HTML and CSS both are very different languages. Before understanding the difference between HTML and CSS – let’s get in-depth knowledge about HTML & CSS:


HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is most basic language to create web pages. With HTML language you can add text, paragraphs, headings, pictures, tables, and lists in a web page. Just like you write something in notepad or wordpad, HTML helps you to write on website. HTML is a very simple code structure. You can add spreadsheets, video clips and sound clips through HTML. If you have a small amount of content and format then you should definitely use HTML language. But if you want to design bigger and fancier web pages then HTML is not the right cup of tea for you. HTML is basically set of tags which define the page structure. There are two types of tags in HTML – start tag and end tag. To put it simply HTML is building–blocks of a webpage.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is an extension of basic HTML that enables styling on your web pages. CSS covers all designing aspects like fonts, colors, margins, layout, lines, height, width and background images. CSS can control layout of many documents from one single style sheet. CSS saves a lot of work in comparison to HTML. Because you can reuse the same sheet in several pages. CSS uses custom tags. These tags can be used over and over on the same page. By using CSS language you can give specific look to your website. If you want to modify the style in CSS then you can easily modify style without changing HTML elements. Moreover, CSS adopts all kind of display across platform may it be a large screen or small screen. CSS is all about design and display of a website or an application. CSS focuses on look and feel of a website. I have prepared simple comparison chart to let you know the difference between HTML and CSS. Check out following table:





Hypertext markup language

Cascading style sheets


It dictates content and structure of webpage

It controls design and display of HTML.


You can use CSS in HTML file.

You can’t use HTML in CSS file.


As HTML is static language – It can’t generate dynamic output.

CSS has better style than HTML. So that it can generate a dynamic result.


HTML consists of tags surrounding content.

CSS consists of selectors followed by a declaration block.

Nowadays CSS is replacing HTML as it offers more features and flexibility. Though to create stylish website or application you would require knowledge of HTML and CSS both language. You can start learning both languages from w3school platform.                       

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