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PHP is most popular scripting language in the world. Are you looking for best PHP framework for your work? Here’s the list of some best PHP frameworks for 2018.

PHP is one of the most widely used programming language used for developing websites and web applications. Usually PHP developers used to write custom codes for every single function. By the time, writing long codes became a very tedious process. PHP developers realized that they needed a solution so they came up with the concept of PHP framework. For the more structured way of the development process, PHP frameworks were established.

Definition of PHP framework

A PHP framework refers to a universal platform of reusable software that can be used for building websites and web apps of diverse sizes and complexities. It can be explained as a library of codebase along with a standardized way to enable developers to create web solutions of their choice. Frameworks for PHP come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to give a better experience to developers and to make their work smoother and easier. When it comes to choosing right framework for PHP, developers have so many options available. Right PHP framework is the only way to implement desired development successfully. We have carefully picked up 7 best PHP frameworks for you to level up your development process:

 1 Laravel

Although Laravel is a new PHP framework. It was released in 2011. Laravel has surpassed its rivals in popularity. It provides accessible, powerful tools needed to build large applications. Laravel comes with packed features that make rapid application development possible. Laravel has its own lightweight templating engine calledBlade.” In 2015, Site point responders have recognized laravel as the best framework for PHP development. Laravel has an impressive ecosystem with an instant hosting and deployment platform. The elegant syntax of laravel facilitates such as authentications, sessions, queuing, caching and routing. Laravel provides a solid foundation of well tested and reliable code. Laravel PHP framework consists well-designed course for beginners as well as user-friendly videos too.

Laravel consists following features:

-    Unit-testing support

-    Built-in database query builder

-    Comprehensive documentation

-    Lumen Microframework

-    Spark Scaffolding

2 CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is simple and powerful PHP framework. It is lightweight and low-hassle framework. CodeIgniter is known for its flexibility and problem-free installation. It works perfectly on all platforms. CodeIgniter is not entirely based on the MVC. One of the best advantages of codeIgniter is speed. CodeIgniter requires nearly zero configuration. Basically, it offers simple solutions to complex application requirements. If you are working on template files then codeIgniter will be a good choice for you. It also has a stronger security system which includes built-in protection against attacks. CodeIgniter comes with many built-in libraries for unit testing, to form validation, and email sessions too. If you download it, you will see it’s only about 2MB. In short, codeIgniter is useful for those developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create a full-featured web application. It is perfect for beginners.

3 CakePHP

The CakePHP framework was released in 2005. The latest version is CakePHP 3.6.2 released in 2018. There is no complex configuration, just set up your database and you can start working. CakePHP comes with code generation and scaffolding functionally to speed up the development process. CakePHP consists of amazing features like – input validation, SQL injection prevention, XSS prevention, CSRF protection and much more. CakePHP facilitates built-in features such as translations, database access, caching, validation, and authentication. CakePHP can handle every aspect of your application, starting from user’s initial request to the final rendering of a webpage. CakePHP is very good for a commercial web application.    

4 Symfony

 Symfony is known among PHP developers to design large-scale websites. The components of symfony helps to complete tasks such as for creation, the configuration of objects, authentication, routing, templating and much more. Symfony simply speed up the creation and maintenance of your web applications. Symfony is the best PHP framework for database applications. Symfony is used by many big companies like BBC. Quick adaptability and widely used documentation of symfony makes it one of the best framework for PHP developers. Symfony’s codes are reusable and easier to maintain. It is flexible enough to adapt complex cases too. Community of symfony is increasing day by day.

5 Phalcon

Phalcon is MVC based framework. Phalcon is well-documented PHP framework. It was created in 2013. Phalcon is becoming popular among back-end developers. It is considered the fastest framework of PHP. Phalcon is implemented as a C extension to offer lower resource consumption and high performance. Phalcon not only boosts execution speeds but also decreases resource usage. Phalcon consists of many cool features such as – asset management, security, translation, caching, template engines, form builders, multipurpose autoloader etc. Phalcon is easy to use and developer friendly platform.

6 Zend

Zend is best PHP framework for complex projects. It is not recommended for smaller projects. Basically, Zend framework is a collection of PHP packages with more than 200 million installations. The latest version is Zend framework 2.4.13.  Zed framework has a tone of components for authentication, feeds, forms, services and much more. Zend is ideal for enterprise applications. If you are looking for application development then Zend framework will not be a very good choice. Zend consists of many cool features like – drag and drop editor, cryptographic coding tools, a connected database wizard, PHP Unit testing tools and instant online debugging tools. Zend framework is difficult to learn. Zed framework was created with an agile methodology which allows to create high-quality applications for your corporate clients. The standard set of Zend libraries brings us a very powerful and scalable development tool.

7 Yii

Yii is modern PHP framework. It is object-oriented framework as it is based on DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) coding concept. Yii allows developers to model database data in terms of objects so that tedious process of writing SQL statements can be avoided. It is designed to develop web applications quickly and effectively. Yii framework can be used in the creation of internet portals, CMS or any other complex system. Front-end developers will love using Yii framework. Yii works efficiently with AJAX. Yii follows MVC pattern. It helps to develop clean and reusable code. Yii implements an easy-to-use skinning and theming mechanism. Yii has Gii – code generator which contributes to object-oriented development and fast prototyping.

Apart from these best 7 PHP frameworks developers sometimes use frameworks like – Aura, Fat-Free, Kohana, Slim, FuelPHP, PHPixie and many more. All these frameworks are not very popular in comparison to above-mentioned PHP platforms. All frameworks are good, there are some differences between them. Deciding on which platform to use depends on a variety of factors such as speed, easy-to-use, features, and documentation.

Whether you are a beginner or expert – PHP framework makes your work easier. We have tried our best to consider best PHP frameworks for you. If you have a well-developed idea for a website then hire PHP experts like us. We would love to create best websites and applications for you.

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