Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks

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When it comes to web development, JavaScript Frameworks are most popular frameworks for businesses. Here we have identified top JavaScript Frameworks of 2018.

JavaScript is the most versatile programming language used worldwide owing to its ability to develop apps for a wide range of platforms such as windows, android, and iOS. JavaScript frameworks are becoming popular among businesses & developers as well. Mastering popular JavaScript will increase developers’ productivity and it will also help them find better front-end opportunities.

Frameworks are basically development tools, and they are prone to influence the industry trends. JavaScript Frameworks have firm security arrangements & frameworks are also supported by large communities and users as well. Moreover, most of the JavaScript frameworks are open source and free. JavaScript frameworks increase the efficiency of developers as it comes with well-structured patterns and functions. JavaScript Frameworks keep evolving because change is constant.

Here are the most popular JavaScript frameworks out there right now:

1 AngularJS


AngularJS is one of the top front-end frameworks. It is majorly used for developing a single page web application. It is available as an open source solution and is supported by Google. AngularJS helps you to develop dynamic, interactive and fast applications. AngularJS comes with amazing features such as two-way data binding, MVC architecture, a built-in module system, dependency injection, and routing package. The AngularJS framework is always up to date & buzzing with activity. AngularJS is used among start-ups and mid-sized companies. AngularJS 2.0 is built with TypeScript from Microsoft with an eye to making JavaScript more agile and attractive for large enterprises. Angular.js is useful for building mobile and desktop applications both.

2 ReactJS


ReactJS is a UI library developed at Facebook. It is a heart & the soul of IT companies and various business websites. ReactJS is suitable for high performing enterprise applications since it is powered by the user interfaces of Facebook and Instagram. ReactJS makes app development straightforward and easy-to-understand. ReactJS has introduced many of its own concepts to define its unique approach to frontend web development. ReactJS is useful for effective SEO. Many of the major companies are utilizing ReactJS such as BBC, Coursera, Netflix, Paypal, and Whatsapp. ReactJS is considered the fastest growing JavaScript framework. ReactJS can also reduce the need for performing frequent DOM – Document Object Module operations. In short, ReactJS can be a perfect fit for complex, high-load and amazing software solutions.

3 Meteor.js


Meteor can be used for developing both front-end as well as back-end components of an application. Meteor covers all the phases of software development cycle and takes care of processes like linking, files concatenation etc. Meteor is easy to use. Moreover, it has built-in Apache Cordova which offers great business value.

Meteor provides service hosting solution offered by its development team for the developers to cater the needs of a meteor - based application. Companies like IKEA, Mazda, and Honeywell use meteor for their application development. Meteor is perfect for those who want to build real-time web apps.  Want to know how meteor works? Check out following steps:


4 EmberJS


Ember – an open source JavaScript framework was introduced in 2011. It is a front-end developing framework preferred by most of the developers due to its traditional routing mechanism, handlebars template engine, and components. EmberJS is considered as one of the most difficult JavaScript frameworks. Ember features two-way data binding, like AngularJS, keeping both view and model in sync for all the time. With emberJS you get URLs and a default working back button with every route created by you. Ember’s best feature is its command line interface tools. You can even consider ember the equivalent of Ruby on Rails for the browser.

EmberJS generates a lot of code for you. Some can be used as you want and other codes can be ignored. EmberJS can be a good solution for a startup or for a business looking to build complex web apps. LinkedIn, Kick starter, Blue Apron, Nordstrom and many other companies have utilized EmberJS to design websites.

5 Vue.js


Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Vue.js framework was released in 2014. Vue is proved to be faster and leaner, comparing to ReactJS and AngularJS. Vue.js is a lightweight library with two-way data binding and virtual DOM that doesn’t confuse you with tons of things and helps you with just what you need to develop a web app. Vue is much simpler and less restrictive than Angular. Vue doesn’t force you to learn another superset of JavaScript like Typescript or JSX. Vue.js can design high-end single page applications (SPAs).

The core library of vue.js is focused on the view layer only and is very easy to pick up and integrate with other libraries or existing projects. You have to use Vue directives such as v-bind or v-if to interpolate values from the component logic to templates. One of the drawbacks of vue is - it has far fewer ready solutions, so you might have to think about creating your own solutions to solve various issues.

Vue.js is a better choice for quick development of cross-platform solutions.

6 Node.js


Node.js is used for specific reasons to fill out particular needs. This framework is used to create real-time data-intensive applications. It follows an event-driven input/output and non-blocking approach to remain lightweight while developing the web as well as mobile applications. The developers use node.js to create efficient and productive network applications. Node.js is capable of handling a large number of simultaneous connections with high throughput – which brings out high scalability.

If you are a beginner and want a fully featured JavaScript environment, you can start with node.js frameworks. In node.js framework, all operations are done through callbacks. These features let the application run on a single thread, unlike other technologies. One of the major benefits of node.js is it allows using various productivity tools to enhance several types of a functional advantage of JavaScript and it ensures that its robust and does provide consistent file streaming. It allows you to build a multi-user application with multiple concurrent connections for an enhanced experience.


JavaScript is the future of web development. All the above-mentioned frameworks are quite popular. There are many other JavaScript frameworks out there such as - Next.js, Backbone.js, Polymer, Socket, Redux, and Gatsby. Each framework has its own unique functionalities. It is possible that you might get confused while choosing the right framework. Every framework is designed for specific purpose. Check out the functionality of the framework and analyze how that functionality can be utilized within your own development project. Choose the right JavaScript framework according to company goals and project requirements. Choose that framework which fulfills your demand along with saving money & time.

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