How to become Software Developer?

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If you have decided to become software developer then there are some defined steps every aspiring developer should follow. To make your career in software industry make sure you follow following steps:

Many youngsters have a dream to become a software developer. If you are also one of them then welcome. This article is for you only so that you can understand the basic steps to pursue your dream. But let me clarify one fact - “Programming is not for everyone.” Being a software developer is like becoming a student for life. Learning never stops in the programming field. If you don’t want to be a student forever then I suggest you to pursue another career path rather than choosing to become a software developer.

If you are still here then you must be determined to become a software developer. Let’s start with basics on how to become a software developer:

1 Educate yourself

The very first step to become a software developer is to find the right college for you. Going to college and learning about software is a traditional approach to become a software developer. Another option is internet. Internet has become a sea of knowledge where you can learn anything from scratch and gain mastery over it. You can learn about software development through tutorials too. There are many online courses available you can opt for. Ideal way is to get an admission in good college and complete your formal education first. Because first required degree is bachelor degree in computer science. Where you will be able to gain knowledge of programming languages. But remember you are on the wrong track if you are thinking that just college education will be sufficient for you. After learning programming languages and other subjects from college you will need to practice languages to make yourself an expert.

2 Start internship

If you are really serious about being software developer then internship will be the best choice for you where you will be able to sharpen your skills. By getting into internship you will get real-world experience. Many technology companies offer internships for students. Find opportunities and give yourself a chance to improve skills. In the internship, you are supposed to work on a specific project which requires using all your programming skills. Usually, internship lasts for 3 to 6 months. Through internship you will come to know about your strengths and weaknesses in programming skills.

3 Earn a degree

You must be having required knowledge to fit in any organization and give your best performance. Experience and skills are important parameters for a job still having a degree certificate is an integral part of the tech industry. Acquiring a major degree in the software industry will be cherry on the top. Many of readers will not be having a degree in computer science. Not to worry dear readers, you can also become software developer by learning programming languages and having enough experience in tech industry. Self - training can also be a pretty good choice. In this scenario have confidence in yourself that you can learn programming on your own.

4 Build your professional network

Once you have acquired enough knowledge of programming languages, next step is to build a professional network in your field. Attend seminars of software development, meet experts of software development; and ask them – what tools they use. Start going to meet-ups and participate in talk shows. If you find any idea during events then find a team and start building projects. Start building your portfolio. Building a professional network will help you to find better job options. There are many online communities where you can enrich your knowledge in software development. Creating a session of Q & A will help you to gain more knowledge. If you have a stronger network then finding a good job will be much easier for you.

5 Get a job

Many colleges offer job placement for their students. You can consult your professors and job consultancies to find the right job for you. But always remember if you don’t position yourself properly then finding a job for yourself is going to be a difficult task. Start building your online presence as a software developer. Nowadays social media platforms are checked by employers. If you are good at writing then you can also start your own blog containing information about programming languages. Starting a YouTube channel will also be a good idea to build an online presence. Being good in software development is not enough – work on your soft skills as well. Find your weaknesses and take actions to improve yourself.

Just reading about how to become software development is not enough. You have to take actual steps if you are trully passionate about making your career in software development industry. As I mentioned earlier, either choose the right college, right course or start learning about languages online. Learning is not enough. Write codes. Keep practising. Try to create a webpage, website or web application. Start small.

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